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Giving treats.

Traveling for treats.

Consuming the treats.

Gorging on what was leftover.

Across the various realties that made up the multiverse, one of the very few things shared were these aspects. The infinite repetition of these aspects gave rise to the pulse currently expanding through the multiverse. If one were to zoom in on one particular universe, there would still be a common thread as the pulse was inundating that singular part of existence with the combined gluttony and sloth of the multiverse. There was an outlier, a being that noticed the changes while all around the culmination of the shared aspects rewrote the previous reality. Of course, the changes still occurred to these special cases, but there was always a period of resetting, like a computer rebooting itself.

These are the tales of those periods of time experienced by an individual and the futility, as Cassandra of old, to be believed as the aspects ripple forever outward.

1st Aspect: Costumes

Outlier: Asami Sato

“What about this one?” Asami stepped out as she asked this, showing off the overalls and suspenders of one of her many assembly line employees at Sato Industries. Her girlfriend, Korra, wiggled her hand back and forth.

“While I appreciate you in suspenders, lets try something more creative.”

“Says the woman going as her polar bear dog.” Korra pouted playfully then, putting her fuzzy gloved hands on her costume-clad hips.

“I’m adorable and you know you loved the sight of Naga wearing my Avatar shirt!”

“She’s wearing several of your shirts, Korra.”

“I can always get another shirt. But Naga can’t always dress up as me.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll go see what else we picked out.” Asami reentered the dressing room then and grinned at the pile of costumes. Shopping with Korra for their fourth official Halloween as a couple had been fun, as always. Picking up the first costume on top of the pile, she shook her head as she realized what it was. No way was she going as a previous Avatar. Not only because she knew it would make Korra uncomfortable, but she also wasn’t too keen on the idea of basically going as her girlfriend for Halloween. Sure Korra was her own person but the fact remained that she had been them at one point in her existence. Moving on, she got through six more costumes before finally finding the perfect one.

If Korra was going to be a dog, she might as well be a cat. The black cat costume was full body, much like Korra’s own, with a zipper, hoodie complete with cat ears and two paw-esque gloves. Putting it on, Asami struck a pose in the mirror before drawing back the curtain and looking out at her girlfriend.

Said girlfriend was now massive obese, a size Asami had never even thought attainable by a human. The sheer enormity of Korra was the first thing she was aware of. The second was the stench. Sharp, virulent, and foul, the smell brought to mind trash rotting under a hot sun with a pile of pig dung dumped on top of it. She brought her hand up to pinch her nose when she realized two other things.

First was that the stench was her own body odor and in the act of moving her arm up she was just subjecting herself to more of her own disgusting BO. Second was her arm was fat. Spirits, she realized, her whole body was huge!

“Korra…why are we so fat?!”

Korra looked confused, Asami noticing a few boogers stuck in the second chin below her girlfriend’s third one, before getting to her feet, her dog costume covered in food stains and sweat as she moved closer. “Asami, what are you talking about? We’re the same size we’ve always been. Well, you’re bigger than me, but you know I don’t like the fact that you’re both taller and wider than I am. I mean I’m the Avatar for crying out loud, I should be the biggest!”

“Korra, listen to me, this isn’t natural. Our…oh Spirits…URRRRAPP…ogh…bodies aren’t meant to be-“ Asami stopped trying to explain as she noticed one final thing about her current condition: her huge body was stuck in the booth, wedged by her massive hips! “Korra, get me out of here, I’m stuck!”

“Asami, deep breaths, calm down, I’ll get you out in a moment.” Asami nodded, her breaths sounding more and more like wheezes with each one she took, her own odor causing more than a few coughs to join in with the oxygen she was taking in. Korra’s brown figure was soon quite close, her eyes closed as she went through a familiar series of movements. But Asami was confused. That looked like an airbending when Korra’s better option would be earthbending the ground to widen the dressing room entranceway.

Why was she-

Asami’s thoughts were cut off as she felt her stomach gurgling. More and more of her odor filled her nostrils and mouth, her Naga-sized gut roiling and churning as it expanded with air. The businesswoman could still taste the last burp she had accidentally vented on her tastebuds but soon enough the roiling shifted lower and Asami cried out as her butt trumpeted and her whole body flew outwards. The dressing room was now destroyed and when her faculties were fully restored Asami realized she was on her stomach, Korra’s blubbery body beneath her.

“There we go, safe and sound,” Korra cooed, eyes lighting up as she realized just what costume Asami had chosen. “A black cat?! Aww, that’s so cute! We’ll be the hottest couple trick or treating tonight!”

“Why can’t you see how wrong this all is?” Asami murmured, more than a few farts bubbling out from her butt as she panted and wheezed, trying her best to get to her feet. “We’re not blobs, we’re in shape…huf…and…hgnh….orph…is…is that an air bison burger?”

“Sure is,” Korra replied, a few wiggles of her XXL sausage-sized fingers bringing a massive bag of said burgers towards her. Taking a few out in both hands, she unwrapped one and held it towards Asami. “All that excitement’s got to have made you hungry, right?”

Asami didn’t even nod, drool trickling down her may chins as she bit into the offered deep fried meat. Inhaling the food like her own odors, Asami grunted and snorted as she devoured the burger, messily licking along Korra’s mustard and ketchup stained fingers. “More…give me more!”

By the time the entire bag was empty and thirty plus burgers were on their way through her digestive system, Asami blinked for a bit. “We’re only walking half a block right?”

“Of course. Though explain to me why we’re going that far?”

“I know it’s a huge workout, but I saw the neighbors bringing in huge bags of candy a few days ago. It’ll be worth the effort.”

Why had she worried about their sizes again? Korra was still her big, beautiful Avatar. She was still the fattest business owner in all of Republic City, and farted better than Lin even after the police chief’s infamous chili lunches let themselves be heard in her office. Cuddling deeper into Korra’s arms, and taking giant lungfuls of prime Avatar BO, Asami gave a hum of contentment as she drifted off into a peaceful nap.

The ripple kept on traveling.

2nd Aspect: Giving Treats

Outlier: Yennefer of Vengerberg

Yennefer never believed she could be this happy. A happiness that was only ever experienced in fleeting dreams, where her back was normal and not disfigured with the hunch that made her the laughingstock of her siblings, the target of her father’s abuse and her mother’s disdain. But now she had a family. Geralt, the love of her life and Ciri, the daughter she never expected to have in her life. They weren’t a normal family but they were hers and that was worth more than any power, any sacrifice that the world offered or demanded.

Currently, she was relaxing with Ciri, celebrating the Samhain traditions. Geralt was out in the village providing safe frights to the little ones and doubling as protection in case any monsters appeared. Between the two was a large wooden bowl filled with various treats for any children or visitors that knocked on the door of the tiny cottage.
Yennefer smiled as she recalled the last intrepid child that had knocked. A wisp of a girl, with freckles and dark hair. Her body was trembling as she opened the door, but her gaze was firm as she held out her hands.

“Trick or treat!”

“What’s got you grinning like that?” Ciri’s voice cut off her reverie and drew her back to the moment.

“Just thinking about the last child we gave treats to. She reminded me a little of you when you were that age.”

“I did not tremble when I met you.”

“No, but you were just as cute,” Yennefer replied, smirking at the embarrassed blush on her face.

“I’m a bit too old to be teasing, mum.”

“You’re my daughter, you’ll never be too old for that.”

“I’m just glad you didn’t try and talk me out of becoming a witcher.”

“I know it’s what you’ve wanted for a long time. As Geralt pointed out when you were talking to the Lodge, you have to let your children make their own choices in life.”

“Didn’t stop you from listening in on the conversation, did it?” Yennefer shook her head at that and hugged Ciri close, sending the bowl of treats hovering into the air with a deft wave of her fingers.

“Of course not but I know you will be a great a witcher as Geralt, perhaps greater.” Ciri returned the hug, eyes a bit watery as she replied.

“Only because of your teachings.” A sudden knock came at the door then, Ciri standing up. “I’ll get it.” Yennefer nodded and watched as Ciri handed out candy to a family with three children all dressed in fantastical costumes.

Ciri was waving goodbye to the latest visitors, shutting the door when Yennefer looked away towards the stashes of candy still remaining. As she looked back towards her daughter, the sorceresses’s eyes widened.

Her child had gotten grossly obese. Fat face rapidly turning a ruddy red, labored pants and wheezes escaping tubby lips, a waddling thump of a step followed by another, thighs shoved against each other tighter than sardines, a massive gut that was hanging just past her knees, and from what Yennefer could see, a rear that would easily destroy the settle they were sitting on. Ciri broke wind casually, not apologizing, in fact inhaling her own stench and when she raised an arm to scratch uselessly at an itch on her neck, Yennefer was treated to an equally foul waft of body odor. The sight had Yennefer’s mind whirling, raising a hand to cast any magic that might help uncover the reason behind this sudden transformation, when the sorceress noticed her own hand.

Swaddled in fat everywhere she could see along the limb, Yennefer tentatively moved her fingers, watching the adipose-coated digits move with little of her old dexterity. Still, she could feel her magic and cast a spell, gasping a bit when she realized this was not the result of any art she knew of. In fact, her magic told her nothing was wrong, when her senses were all united in showing that clearly wasn’t the case.

“Something wrong mum? Need me to get you more treats?”

Yennefer’s stomach gurgled with hunger, the mage hunching over a bit at the sensation of it. “N-Yes, Ciri, if you wouldn’t mind. Have you noticed anything unusual lately darling?” She wasn’t going to let this sudden change ruin her wits. She just had to approach things slowly.

“Now that you mention it, yes. You normally just use your magic to get you your food, but I understand why. I know my time on the Path limits our time as a family. I’m still your tubby one, mum, don’t worry.”

Yennefer watched as Ciri waddled towards the stash of treats, the number and variety now taking up far more room in the cabin she called home these days. In fact, Yennefer realized, all of the environment was now suited to much larger bodies. As her daughter slowly filled up another massive bowl of candy, Yennefer took stock of her own body.

Her usual lilac and gooseberries were present, but far diluted in the face of her own body’s horrific stench. The sheer intensity of her own stink caused her eyes to water, Yennefer fighting back tears as she looked down at her stomach. Multiple rolls, each one larger than the last, the final one a massive apron of pale flesh. Her breasts obscured much of her vision regarding her stomach’s titanic size, but what she could see caused a shiver to work up her spine. She felt around her face with her fingers, digits sinking all the way up to the knuckle as she prodded anywhere on her face.

Another gurgle from her stomach and a huge gush of heated flatulence bellowed from her arse. “I am sorry for that Ciri, my stomach-“

“Don’t apologize, that was great! Better than me for sure but I’ll beat you one day, don’t worry!”

Yennefer wriggled a bit on the settle, feeling sweet start to drench her usual black and white outfit, the white of her wardrobe soon darkening as her body odor intensified. Ciri finally made her way back to her then, handing her the wooden bowl and plopping gracelessly down beside her. Yennefer’s hands started bringing great bunches of sweets to her lips, masticating furiously all while Ciri watched her, a giddy smile on her wide face.

“You’re the best mum!”

“Hosh…oprhm…how’s that Ciri?”

“Just how much of you there is, your smells, I mean even Geralt doesn’t smell half as bad as you do and he used to be a witcher. Even I can’t compare!” Yennefer stopped eating for a moment, reaching out a hand and placing it gently on Ciri’s own. Massive or not, reeking like the mother of all swine or not, she would not let her daughter belittle herself.

“Don’t say that about yourself. Your smell is lovely and very overpowering. As for your flatulence…put more of your muscles into it. Or what muscles ladies such as us have.”

That earned her a wider smile and a hug, their now obese bodies meshing together. “I love you mum. Would you feed me the rest of the bowl?” Yennefer wanted to say now to try and point out how wrong this sudden change was, to insist on hygiene and manners but then she looked into Ciri’s wide, hopeful eyes. Her mind recalled helping to feed a younger, though still very fat little girl, insisting on eating one’s fill and then some. Teaching her magic and the proper way to fart as a means of empowering oneself. The daily feasts, the times with a rotund Geralt, the adventures, separation, and finally the moment she reunited with her daughter, smelly flesh against smelly flesh as she hugged Ciri against herself.

This was right, how had she ever considered it not so?

“Of course, my tubby one, now don’t think about the amount, just chew and swallow as fast as you can.” Ciri nodded and Yennefer used her magic to levitate the first few treats towards her.

“Mum,” Ciri whined, fat face reddening as she struggled to move closer, “no magic tonight, for me?”

“If I must,” Yennefer replied with her usual teasing tone, cupping a hand and bringing a large amount of treats towards her daughter’s eager mouth.

“I lovesufh…mmmm…you…morpgh…ulp…mum!” Ciri groaned out as her mother picked up the pace of the feeding a good few minutes later.

Rubbing her daughter’s tiny, in comparison to her own, gut, Yennefer beamed and reached towards the bowl for more. “I do as well, Ciri, now here comes the next bit!”

The ripple moved outward.

3rd Aspect: Traveling for Treats

Outlier: Mako Mankanshoku

“Ryuko-chan, let’s keep going!” Mako cried out to her girlfriend of six years. She thought she heard a little grumbling about being too old for trick or treating, but sure enough Ryuko was by her side. Mako once again beamed at the great costume Ryuko had chosen. “You make a great Little Red Riding Hood, just like I knew you would!”

Ryuko’s face turned red at that and she stood up to her full height, attempting to appear serious. “Let’s just get going before all the candy’s gone.”

“Ok!” Mako replied, affecting a deeper voice as she nuzzled up close to her lover. Even now, both nearing their twenty fifth birthday, Ryuko was still taller than Mako. “But only if you share those sweet kisses of yours with the big bad wolf when we get home!” Ryuko’s face turned even more scarlet at that and Mako giggled as she ran ahead, energetically shaking her hips to make the wolf tail she had on wag as best it could.

Mako talked and talked as the night went on, knowing what she was saying usually didn’t make a lot of sense to everyone, but Ryuko listened anyway. Nonon, dressed as a conductor, complains.

“Ugh…please stop talking! Let’s just get this done with so I can go home with my wife and have some of her special candy.” The pink-haired woman crunched loudly on a lollipop after this, wincing a bit as her wife gently narrowed her eyes. “I meant please continue, Mako, it’s riveting.”

“Thank you! Anyway, as I was saying, my dream continued with me talking to a salmon while drenched in curry sauce!”

Satsuki, in her hobbit costume, nods solemnly. “Then what happened?”

As the four finish up visiting the last house, Mako is busy counting the candy she’s gotten this year. She’s vaguely aware of moving along the sidewalk, a little behind the others, when she finishes counting and looks up.

Ryuko’s butt is a massive thing, probably more than half the size of Gamagori-san by Mako’s estimation. She also looks really, really sweaty. Mako hurries to catch up, ignores that it’s a lot harder than usual, and finally reaches Ryuko, panting heavily.


Ryuko turned to look at her then, her front half even larger than her back. “Mako, everything okay? Not happy about all the candy you got? Because I can go yell at that old lady for stiffing you if you want me to.”

Mako shook her head. “Not that, Ryuko-chan, you just look bigger.” Mako then noticed the blob of fat that was Nonon now and Satsuki was even larger than Ryuko, though her weight was mostly centered around her lower half.

Ryuko scratched the back of her head, farting with gusto. Nonon burped, Satsuki did both at the same time. “Mako, we’ve always been huge. That’s one of the things you love about me, remember?”

Mako didn’t, but her girlfriend looked so happy it was impossible to try and stop her from being that way, so Mako smiled. “Of course. I must have had too much candy.” Ryuko smiled at her and gently hugged her side. It was at this point that Mako realized she was just as fat, and smelly, as the other three.

“Well save some room for more when we get home. It’s my turn to feed you tonight.”

Mako nodded, burying her face in Ryuko’s stinky breasts and not caring one whit at how much more of herself or the others there was. Her dad was fat after all, so why shouldn’t she be bigger?

“Let’s start now, Ryuko-chan! Ahh!” Closing her eyes, Mako opened her mouth as wide as could be, eager to explore being with, and loving, a huge and smelly Ryuko-chan.

The ripple spread out.

Fourth Aspect: Consuming Treats

Outlier: Cammy White

Cammy waved goodbye to Laura Matsuda, offering her friend a warm smile before closing the door to her home and sighing. The party was over and while she did what her lover had asked, namely relaxing, it was still stressful to  cohost the party with Chun Li. But now it was over, the couple had tons of Halloween candy leftover to eat or give away, and she could truly settle in for the night with Chun by her side.

Making up her mind to start cleaning up the mess from the party, Cammy was instead met by her wife, Chun Li crossing her arms like she usually did before she bowed at an opponent in a match. Her serious expression turned into a light bit of laughter after a few moments though and she placed a hand on Cammy’s left shoulder.

“No, no, airen, no cleaning tonight. Let’s go to bed.”

“But-“ Cammy was cut off from further objections by her wife’s lips, soon enough finding herself being carried bridal style towards the bedroom.

“The only butt I want is currently in my arms,” Chun Li teased as she pushed open the door and gently set Cammy down on the bed. “I’ve also sorted out your favorites into your own jar and I’ve got mine as well so we shouldn’t be getting into any fights over who gets what candy.”

“I’m glad you suggested this. We needed a break from all the work and fighting. Thank you for not letting me have my way.”

“You’re welcome, Cammy.” Her wife gave her a peck on her unscarred cheek then before removing her clothes, not bothering with any clothes. Blushing at the brazen display, but not backing down, Cammy got down to her birthday suit and hugged her wife close, enjoying being the big spoon for a change. Chun Li’s fingers trailed along her fading scar and Cammy gave a soft coo, tightening her embrace just that much more. “I love seeing you so happy,” Chun Li murmured after several quite minutes. “It makes everything worthwhile.”

“I’m grateful that you can have a normal life with me. Well, as normal as having mates who can stretch their limbs and channel electricity can be anyway. Goodnight, love, see you in the morning.”

“‘Night Cammy, happy late Halloween.” Cammy gave a kiss as her well-wishing and soon enough she fell asleep.

When she woke up the next day, Chun Li was gone. Since the shower wasn’t running or the light on in the bathroom, Cammy figured her wife was in the kitchen, no doubt enjoying her first bit of leftover candy. An intense stench came to her nostrils, like all of her combined days in the field without a shower plus fouler smells. A stench that was emanating from her. She sat up, putting one foot down, the action making her pant, eyes widening as saw her foot as she looked down.

Or should have seen, as all she saw were the two massive orbs that were her breasts followed by the even larger expanse that was her stomach.  Getting to her feet took longer and she was wheezing by the time she took four waddling steps towards the door, too concerned with the way her thighs were crammed against one another in an embrace of fatty adipose to notice the expansion of the doorway as well.

Chun Li. She had to get to her, together they could figure out a way to fix whatever had happened to her. “CHUN!”

“In the kitchen!” Cammy waddled her way there, ready for her spouse’s worried response to her newly obese body, to begin to explain what had happened but was instead stunned at what she found in the kitchen. Her wife seemed even more vast than she was! With a butt that looked like it had consumed two of Cammy’s current gut, Cammy gaped. Those muscular thighs she loved to caress and draw out the most adorable sounds from Chun Li were now coated in more fat than the entirety of E. Honda’s body. Chun Li was looking at her now, concern written all over her face. “What’s wrong Cammy?”

“What’s wrong?! Chun, we’ve become blimps! We’re not supposed to be this fat or-ugh…oh heavens, smelly!” Chun Li’s stench, like the rest of her body, easily outdid Cammy in all areas, her wife’s body odor now worse than the time she’d fought Birdie in a dirty bathroom combined with an overflowing dumpster on a hot summer day.  

Then Chun Li farted, the sound coarse, incredibly loud, and completely outclassed her own body odor. There was no apology, no hint of embarrassment on her wife’s face. Instead, Chun Li turned around, showcasing her five rolled gut and moved close, wrapped as much of herself around Cammy as she could. “Cammy, I knew you shouldn’t have gone to bed without eating first. I just wanted you to not get so locked down in your usual prim and proper routine. You had fun last night and needed to relax. But don’t worry, we’ll get your belly full and you can calm down.”

“Chun, I’m fine. It’s everything else that’s loony.” Chun Li had her phone out then, showing Cammy the background. It was of their wedding, exactly like Cammy remembered it, except both were still hugely fat in the picture, sweat stains and crumbs coating their dresses. Not as large as they were now, but both were still big.

“Your burp during our vows is one of my most favorite memories,” Chun Li murmured, love and worry on her face as she grabbed a handful of candy and held it up to Cammy’s lips. “Now please, eat this.” Cammy wanted to refuse, she wanted to get her wife to see the truth, but again she focused on that worried look on Chun’s face. Opening her mouth, she let her wife feed her, the taste of the bars and other little treats in the handful Chun had grabbed like heaven. Barely chewing, she forced it all down with a mighty swallow, overjoyed that the worry was gone in those dark brown eyes she adored.


Chun Li beamed and grabbed an even larger handful, her other hand playing with one of Cammy’s massive butt-cheeks. Cammy strained and forced out a mighty fart of her own, Chun Li laughing. “Oh, airen, that was fantastic!”

“Mmmghph…ulp…MMMM! Sorry for worrying you, love, I guess you were right. I can’t go to bed on an empty stomach.”

Chun Li nodded and Cammy chuckled at her odd dream. Like she was ever that skinny! Soon enough she’s at the dining room table with Chun, their leftover candy dumped into huge piles, both feeding one another as their reinforced chairs groan from their weight. The sound makes Cammy moan in pleasure as she forces herself to swallow as much as she can. She wants to break this chair before Chun. Her wife might be the Fattest Woman In The World, but she’d show her the woman she married wasn’t far behind!


Asami farted in Korra’s face, the force of it enough to force her dirty cat costume to tear completely.

Yennefer gave Ciri a hug goodbye, sending her daughter off with one of her mightiest farts yet, wishing to frame the joy on Ciri’s face forever; but soon enough she was galloping away, Yennefer taking in the scent of the ashen-haired young woman’s body odor on the breeze.

Mako burped in Ryuko’s face, waking up her girlfriend in the process, Ryuko replying by tickling, the movement causing fart’s to erupt from Ryuko’s rear, eclipsing Mako’s laughter.

Cammy did indeed break the chair she was sitting on before her wife, Chun Li rewarding her with a belch into her face as she sat down beside her on the floor.

The ripple continued on its infinite journey, while behind it the wave that was the combined gluttony of the end of the year feasts roared amongst the multiverse as the main course follows an appetizer.
 A series of Halloween drabbles involving slob and weight gain elements in various fandoms.

Mature Content

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Laura Matsuda opened her mouth to thank the vendor after consuming five of those delicious hot dogs, loaded with mustard, onions, and relish.

"BUURRALLARP! Ooooh, well I’m not sorry about that, just shows how amazing your food is! Thank you so much sir!” The vendor nodded his head and gave her a strained smile. Smiling warmly back, Laura turned her wide body around, flab bouncing around her rear, chest, middle, and face as she did so and made her way down another block of this massive city. New York was lovely, and not only for the food she decided as she took in the sights and sounds of the city that never sleeps. The melting pot of cultures reminded her of home, though there were still far more varieties of food here, the meat wasn’t up to her high standards so far. There was just no way even the amazing hot dogs she just had could compare to picanha, that deliciously salted barbecue, her favorite being beef seasoned with just a hint of lime and coated with sauce.

Her gut rumbled as she thought of it and Laura idly kneaded her big belly with one hand. As she took one waddling step after another, she considered her options. She could continue walking, soaking up the atmosphere. She could get something to eat and ensure her unique brand of Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu had even more power and weight behind every strike and hold she did. Or she could investigate the unmistakeable sounds of punches and kicks being blocked up ahead. Massive muffin-top jiggling, Laura waddled her way towards the source of the noise, her brown eyes widening as she saw two of her fellow participants in the tournament fighting up ahead. The man closest to her had an odd device over one of his eyes and a jetpack on his back, while the person he was fighting had blond hair done in that popular style she’d seen around here recently. He also had on a red karate gi or at least the bottom half of one with a black training suit over his upper half. But it was the move he did that instantly made recognition light up in Laura’s brain.

“That’s Ken Masters!”

Her little brother idolized the man and set off on a journey to become his student. He had come back a few months ago with a trophy and vastly increased strength and purpose. She could see the fighting spirit of this fighting legend as he leaped hight into the air and came down with a whirling spin kick that caught the man he was fighting straight across the jaw. He hit the ground but got back up, Ken doing a flaming uppercut punch that took Laura’s breath away.

Electricity crackled around her XXXL clad butt, the sensation soothing to her as it traveled up her chubby arms and tickled the edges of her massively fat cheeks. The man Ken was fighting was down for the count but judging by the bruises along Ken’s bare arms, he had given him a good match. Ken helped the man to his feet and both smiled at one another.

“Rashid, you’ve got to show me how you do those divekicks!”

“Only if you show me how to gather flames to my feet and hands, that was so cool!”

The two men laughed and gave each other a firm hug as Laura made her presence known by taking a firm stance and raising her voice. “Either of you up for another match?”

Ken and Rashid both turned, Rashid shaking his head and moving off to the side, while Ken took stock of Laura, his eyes filled with determination as he offered her a hearty grin. “Always, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before. What’s your name?”

“Laura Matsuda, you were a great help to my little brother Sean.” Laura said, returning his grin with a big smile of her own, electricity crackling all around her as she dashed forward, expecting her speed to take him off guard. Aiming a strike to his face, Laura was pleased when he easily blocked her blow.

“With sparks like that I’d expect you trained with Blanka or something. Sean’s older sister huh? Well don’t expect me to take it easy on you just because of that.”

“You should be more worried about what my grabs are going to do to your bones, Masters.”

Ken responded with a flurry of kicks and punches, a few hitting her but her fat body absorbing the stronger ones. Leaping into the air, Laura beamed as her arcing kick struck his right shoulder, sending him to the ground. Recovering swiftly, Ken rubbed his shoulder. “You’re strong.”

“Going to make a crack at my weight now?”

“Never judge an opponent by their outward appearance, right? Besides, the weight suits you.”

Laura gave a hearty laugh at that, nodding her head, but responded by drawing her hands together, electricity crackling as she fired off a wall of pure electricity. Ken just leaped over it, coming down with that same twirling kick he used on Rashid. Laura kicked off the ground rising to meet him with arm and shoulder outstretched.

No matter the outcome of this collision, Laura was considering asking him to pay for lunch if she won.


Rainbow Mika groaned as one of her boss’s many butlers promptly laid another dish in front of her. Removing the covering, Mika rubbed her taut middle and looked over towards the head of the table she was dining at and the mass of obesity that was her boss: Karin Kanzuki. Some said she was the fattest person in all Japan, the young woman ever eager to live up to her family’s motto.

Karin was eating delicately, yet swiftly, not a speck of sauce or hint of crumbs on her jowled face or usual red outfit. Even her burps and farts were delicate little crackles of sound, the blond always excusing herself with an air of ignorance to the stench venting from both her mouth and rear. And what a rear, Mika thought to herself. Even if there was someone Karin deigned to have sit beside her, that would be quite the feat considering it took almost seven chairs to prop Karin’s butt up. Karin’s stomach was a singular mass of a belly with not a hint of cellulite and it was completely covered, no matter how much Karin shoved in there. Even now, eating fiercely, Karin’s shirt did not let even a hint of flesh show.

A trumpeting fart rang out above the sounds of Karin calmly and politely eating, Mika turning her attention towards the source of the noise and the woman she adored most in the world. Yamato Nadeshiko, her amazing partner, had a fierce blush on her fat face, sweat stains marring her sweatpants and sweatshirt she had been asked to wear to this dinner by Karin. “I am sorry Ms. Kanzuki, for the rude outburst I just-“

“UUURRRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Whew, that was a good one! Yamato, don’t ever apologize for that stuff. Gas happens, besides you’re my perfect woman and that means owning up to everything you do!”

Yamato’s face turned even more scarlet as she locked eyes with Mika. “Mika…let me just…UGH!” A clatter of empty plates and silverware rang out as Yamato got out of her chair and took one heavy step at a time towards her, nuzzling into her side and breathing out a mighty burp of her own. “You’re so sweet to me, honey!”

Mika gave a mighty laugh and hugged Yamato tightly with her left hand, tubby digits sinking deeply into the fat lovehandles Yamato was sporting. “I love you, Yamato, every part, and don’t forget it!”

“A touching display, but don’t think you’re getting out of eating more, either of you,” Karin’s calm voice said, motioning towards Mika’s plate. “I demand having the largest and the best fighters in my wrestling venture and you two are the star attraction and therefore must be the examples to show the rest of the world. Size and technique, when combined, is unbeatable!”

Mika gulped at her boss’s intensity but nodded her head and picked up a chunk of the greasy deep-dish pizza that was her latest meal. “Well…bottom’s up!” Opening her mouth, Mika brought the massive slice towards her lips and chomped down, ignoring the jolts of pain from her already taxed stomach.

“Bottom’s expanding would be more apt,” Karin replied, “along with the rest of the body.”

Yamato nodded and ate a slice as well, watching as Karin finished her latest plate and dinged her empty wine glass with a fork twice. Her majordomo appeared at once. “Thank you for the meal, it was splendid as always. When these two are done, please have them join me outside. I wish to test the power of their strikes now that they’ve both broken four hundred pounds.” Getting to her feet, Karin waddled out of the room, the chandelier, plates, and glasses all shaking as she did so.

Mika’s groan caused Yamato’s attention to turn back towards her lover and tag-team partner. “You’re doing so good, Mika, just a little more then we can relax and show our boss how strong we are together, ok?”

“‘Kay…oh…” a whining howl of a fart blasted from Mika’s body, Yamato placing a hand on her Mika’s stomach and rubbing it gently.

After twelve torturous minutes, the pizza was finished and the meal was done. Six hours of eating and drinking, Mika thought, leaning into Yamato as they walked out into the moonlit vastness that was the outside of this part of the Kanzuki estate. The suburban house Mika and Yamato called home would fit in the dining room they just left and that wasn’t even the main one! At the end of the wooden paneled walkway the couple waddled along, at the entrance to yet another building, Karin was going through another of her seeming unending katas. Her massive body was so nimble, so quick, Mika thought. It should have been impossible for a woman nearing a ton of fat to be moving like that, but she figured it had something to do with Karin’s ki abilities. She ended her kata with a double kick that rose her bulk off the ground. Bowing towards the two of them, Karin got into her fighting stance.

“About time you two got here. Now come, show me your newly gained power!”

Yamato gently pat Mika on the back a few times, eliciting a belch from Mika. Looking up at her partner, Mika winked and lifted her foot, Yamato cupping both hands under the bottom of her shoe and throwing her forward. Mika gave a mighty cry and pointed towards Karin.

“Boss or not, I’ll kick your ass!”

Karin smirked and dashed forward, Mika leaping into the air, butt first, Yamato entranced by the ripples and jiggles Mika’s butt was going through before shaking her head and raising her fist high into the air.

“You got this Mika!”

Karin suddenly back dashed though, causing Mika’s attack to miss. Getting to her feet swiftly, Mika blocked a mighty kick from Karin and cried out. “Nadeshiko!” Nodding, Yamato leapt past her lover, both obese legs out in a double dropkick.

Red and gold ki flowed around Karin as she took a firm stance. “Bring it on!”


The hustle and bustle from outside the hotel wasn’t unfamiliar to Chun Li. She’d been in this part of Brazil before but never like this. Cammy had insisted they treat themselves and Chun Li had gone along with her girlfriend’s idea. Last night had been a blur of dancing, eating, and drunkenly making out on the massive bed Chun Li had ensured was provided for the both of them. They needed the space the bed provided with their massive size. Approaching 600 pounds each, Chun Li was looking forward to the time when even this bed would no longer suit their needs. A light motion from her lover drew Chun Li’s attention back to Cammy.

Chun Li adored moments like this, when Cammy was still asleep and she had a chance to relax. The unguarded bliss she gave off when asleep made Chun Li’s love feel never-ending. She didn’t want to wake her, but she also wanted to trace along Cammy’s fading scar on her face. The Interpol agent was so grateful that it was starting to fade and wanted to find the person who did this to her Cammy to pay them back for the pain they had inflicted on the young woman. Shaking her head of those bloody thoughts, Chun Li focused again on the sleeping British woman.

Cammy’s face was only slightly smaller than her own, but still possessed a few extra chins and wide cheeks. Her breasts were again smaller than Chun Li’s own but Cammy’s gut had her beat, even if Cammy said she wished her belly was just a big gut like Chun Li’s and not the multiple rolls that made up the Delta Red agent’s stomach. Cammy’s rear was the largest Chun Li had ever seen and she adored goosing it and watching it jiggle when in private, to say nothing about the rush she got when Cammy used her hooligan throw in a match or on her when they were sparring. The feeling of her lover’s massive thighs hugging her face, the muscle tone underneath her gargantuan amounts of adipose as she moved her downwards, it all sent such a rush flowing through her body she was pretty certain she’d ask Cammy next time they have sex to add it as a part of their usual foreplay.

Chun Li sighed in contentment as she stared at Cammy sleep, the moment vanishing when Cammy opened her eyes, groaning at the light seeping through the blinds. “Mmmmmm…Chun? What time is it?”

“Just after noon, sweetie. You can go back to sleep if you want, we’re on vacation.” Cammy grunted at that, a hand going to Chun Li’s gut and playing a bit with a few blobs of fat.

“I’m hungry but I don’t want to get up. Room service okay?”

“Sounds great and I can feed you if you want.”

Cammy responded by rolling on top of Chun Li, smirking down at her. “I believe I will be feeding you, dear.”

“Alright,” Chun Li replied, gulping a bit a the playful gleam in Cammy’s eyes.

Hours later, Chun Li and Cammy were both stuffed to the gills, the Chinese woman tasting the belch she unleashed as Cammy nuzzled into her side.

“Mmmmm…good one love,” Cammy replied, pressing in just a little deeper to elicit another belch. She did enjoy seeing her lover blush.

“I’m sorry for my-“ but Cammy cut he off with a deep kiss. Breaking apart, she gave her a happy smile.

“Don’t apologize about anything to me, Chun. I love you, gas and all. Now what do you want to do?” Chun LI didn’t reply right away, feeling the mass of food digesting in her guts, the closeness of Cammy, and the stench of their body odor.

“Let’s just go to bed. We’re on vacation right? Lazy days are perfectly normal.”

“Quite right, well goodnight then love.”

“Wait, Cammy, before we go to bed could you…wrap your thighs around my face, like at the start of your hooligan throw?” Chun Li’s whole body felt like it was blushing as she carefully looked over at Cammy to gauge her reaction. A moment later, Chun Li felt Cammy’s body leave the bed entirely as she gave a tiny hop over her fatty upper half, darkness filling her vision as those legs she loved squished against her face.

Moaning in pleasure, Chun Li closed her eyes and fell asleep, breathing in Cammy’s scent.
Street Waddler V (Contains WG, Yuri)
A story involving the Street Fighter V female cast if they were obese and loving it. I own nothing in this story.

Mature Content

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Diana listened for the familiar sound of the waves lapping against the shore. She strained her ears but the only sounds she could hear was the pounding of her heart and the even breaths she was producing. According to the research and locals she’d talked to, this meant she was nearing her destination. The wealth she’d amassed and spent, the family and friends she’d abandoned, the life she was leaving behind, all of it doing nothing to send even a moment’s hesitation to her purposeful strides.

The blasted heath that amounted to the native plants on this island, or so she assumed, was giving way to crumbled columns and cracked marble. Some great temple or palace was once here but as her feet went from dirt to the marble, it was obvious no one lived here presently. Just the barest hint of wind and her own breathing now to keep the architecture company. Pressing past the ruins, feet once more on dirt, Diana’s pulse quickened as she heard a mighty squeal just beyond the upcoming hill. Running as fast as she could, Diana crested the rise and saw a wild expanse of heath as far as the eye could see. Just at the bottom of the hill though, the scenery was consumed by mud and a huge mass of a sow. Caressing this sow was a woman with dark hair hanging nearly past her calves. Her face was Hellenic in its beauty, but even more lovely than any model Diana had seen. Curls of her hair framed this vision before her, the locks more wild than the heath all around this muddy nook, her nudity not at all distracting, the bareness of her complimenting the animal she had been touching as much as her skin tone empathized with the mud underneath them all. The eyes this woman possessed made Diana gasp, the colors that made up their pigment shifting, metamorphosing with every breath that escaped her lips. Purple, gold, brown, dark, ochre, grey, and on and on they marched across her corneas.

The woman sighed, an exhale the tale of ages. “If you are standing before me than you know who, and what, I am.” Diana nodded, joy filling her that the end of her long search was nearing.

“The goddess Circe.”

Circe let out a snort at that, porcine in every aspect save the fact that it came from a human nostril instead of a snout. “Such was my title millennia ago, when human thought and legend gave birth to me and my kind. A belief I began and a fiction I became. I have lived as your tales portrayed me, turning men and women to swine and other creatures, taking Odysseus’s men and changing them, falling to his cunning. I relived those moments again and again, until the belief turned to myth, my palace diminishing, those I had changed leaving, save for my dear Adrasteia wallowing behind me. Her belief is the only link I have to this life. Once she passes, and there is nothing eternal here or elsewhere, I will cease to be. You have traveled all this way to witness the ending of the imprint of countless stories.”

“The only ending I want is the human body I’ve lived with for the past fifty years. Please, make me a sow. I can become another link for you, if such is your desire. Just turn me into a pig!”

Circe’s eyes widened at the sincerity in the mortal’s voice, but soon enough nodded, walking away from the sow and approaching Diana. Her left hand sifted through the shoulder-length blond hair Diana had, fingers ghosting along the skin. “I can sense the power of your desire, your belief.” Circe’s blood was thrumming with the energy her touch had transferred to her from the mortal. Long-closed passages within her body reopened, the power everywhere around her and the mortal who had sought her out. She could twist the human shell before her, shaping it into a fine swine, but she sensed the wrongness of that method. “No simple wave of my hands will do. Something…linked, yes?”

“I just want to be a pig, I don’t care how!” Diana exclaimed, pulse racing as her desire was so close, so very, very close, to fulfillment.

“So your lips say but your true self wants a process; slow, physical, primal. AH!” Circe straightened as a solution presented itself, turning her head to look at the mud all around, Adrasteia snorting and squealing, rolling her bulk over to present a truffle fully formed. Pulling the fungi gently from the ground, Circe directed all the power the belief gave her into the foodstuff. The truffle synched with the energy filling it and she realized just how it had come to be beneath her Adrasteia. “A link,” she whispered softly, placing the truffle in her mouth and chewing neatly. Not a crumb escaped her lips, but she didn’t swallow, mouth full, cheeks bulging as she turned her attention back to the mortal. A few steps and a lean combined their lips as she kissed for all she was worth, the chewed truffle and the power it was born from/contained entering the mortal flesh. Circe felt the vibration of the human swallowing tingle her lips before she broke apart.

The mortal’s dark eyes widened as she fell to her knees, head lolling backwards, gazing up at the stars overhead. Circe approached, getting on her own knees, bringing the mortal close, sweat pouring from her with every moment that passed until suddenly the pores ceased their production. The woman’s head snapped straight again, eyes boring into Circe’s, arms moving to remove the clothes entrapping her body, but Circe caught the manic limbs, humming softly. “There, there, my sow, shhhh, calm yourself.” Tan skin was turning pink, ears shifting position and size as they became porcine, wriggling here and there as sound itself was enhanced.

“The…the wish I whispered all those years ago…it’s coming true…oh….OINK!” Circe watched as the nostrils expanded, the base widening, a snout the only thing the cartilage before her could be called as it extended. The breaths became snorts, more oinks escaping, excited bursts of noise increasing in volume as her sow watched fingers shrink into nothingness, hooves replacing hands.

“Of course it is. You believed and I answered, my beautiful sow. Tell me. What do you see? You have eyes. What do your eyes see?” Diana stared at Circe, the goddess still the same as when she found her. But she could see after a moment’s concentration the bare skin turning pink, the nose a snout, the hair gone, the body swelling, gaining, expanding, flesh upon flesh, arms and legs shortening. “What do you smell with your snout?” The excited snorts became questing, a foul, no not foul, lovely, stench wafting from Circe’s bottom, coating the curly tail, the obese frame, everywhere around. Including her, Diana realized. She clenched her shifting innards, the flatulence roaring from her now porcine rear no longer human. Her own stench was nothing compared to Circe’s but she could feel it joining Circe’s scent.

“I smell us. All of us,” Diana answered, inhaling sharply, taking in as much as she could as she detected Adrasteia’s unique odor. The clothes she had come here in were rags, the blond hair she had once sported joining the bits of torn clothing in the mud. She was completely bare and nearing the end of her transformation. Her innards were the last bit of her to shift, some parts vanishing completely while others changed position within her wide body.

Circe was fully a pig as well, squealing and grunting with what Diana recognized was pure glee, Circe’s snout nuzzling into her. The disparity between the colossal sow that was Circe and Diana’s plump pig body was enough to make that nuzzle a shove as Diana ended on her side. Adrasteia let out a squeal/snort combination that Diana realized was laughter. It took a few moments but eventually she was upright again, on all fours and moving about tentatively, feeling the mud beneath her trotters, finally feeling in her own skin since the day she realized she did not want to be human anymore. The liberation of no longer keeping up pretenses, of dates with women of all sorts, functions and galas, societal norms and memes, none of it mattered now. She was a sow and the squeal she gave caused Circe to move closer, gently nuzzling her this time.

“There’s my beautiful sow. But I cannot call you sow for the time remaining to us, however long that may be.” Diana moved around Circe’s vast body, sniffing at her rear, imbibing of a fresh burst of her gas, coming around again to her front, nuzzling in return where she wanted, and finally ending up before the goddesses’s eyes. “Agape, I shall call you. My beautiful Agape, I welcome and adore you.” Agape touched her snout to Circe’s, hoping to communicate with her body language what she could no longer say. “I love you as well and I suppose I am your Circe now, aren’t I? As much as you are my Agape and a part of us also belongs to our Adrasteia, right dear one?” Circe turned towards Adrasteia then, the sow on her feet and moving closer, Agape noticing again how much smaller she was to her Adrasteia and how both were like gnats to the universe compared to their Circe. Adrasteia squealed, pressing Agape’s snout. Circe laid on her side then, liquid sustenance dripping from the teats she presented, the scent driving Agape forward, tongue latching, throat sucking as much as she could. The liquid filling her was ambrosia, pure and simple. Adrasteia joined her, Circe grunting and squealing with such contentment the sound surpassed the pure sustenance they were receiving.

The last images of what exactly Agape had been trapped as dissipated when she pulled her sated form off the teat, lying down and resting her body against Circe, eyes closing as she began to slumber. Circe did not sleep, the two links she now possessed and adored firmly bound to her very being, the ending she had long accepted kept at bay, giving her more time to enjoy the simple pleasures of the ages ahead.
Seeking Circe
A pig TF story. Let me know what you think and I own nothing in this story.

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1. Kill La Kill

Satsuki Kiryuin surveyed the board of directors she had picked to aid her in reforming REVOCS image worldwide. The effort had been monumental, the results nothing short of miraculous, a word Satsuki could not have taken seriously eight years ago, when she was fighting her mother at her sister’s side. But peacetime, and allowing her emotions to blossom around her sister, her now sister-in-law, and her dear Nonon, had brought forth an entirely unexpected, but not unwelcome metamorphosis. She closed her eyes for a moment, breathed in the slightly higher than room temperature, savored the taste of her own odors in the air, and exhaled. Her gut pushed out at the force of her exhale, the barest edge of it neatly tightening the bottom four buttons on her business suit jacket. A jacket she had brushed free of the crumbs and sauce stains that had made up lazy patterns just under an hour ago during her lunch. Though if one had a  discerning eye, and she knew there were many such people in this room, they would see the stains of her perspiration coming in around the general area of her upper arms and the pits coated by aprons of quivering flab.
She tried to imagine seeing herself through their eyes. The disgust, the sheer incredulity of so much weight gathered around her rear end, the watering around the edges of her chief financial officer’s eyes as she cut loose with a trumpeting gout of flatulence. The ringing in the ears of her wheezes and pants as she waddled around one half of the table, hunching over, tubby digits sinking into her gut as she huffed and puffed great gasps of warm, smelly, breath. Imagining the stench of the stuff to the unprepared, like the youngest woman on her board, the blond coughing and waving her hand in front of her face. Satsuki stops behind this young woman, allows her suited belly to rest on her shoulders and is very pleased that there is not one single shudder of revulsion on her part. She nods towards the eldest member of the board, offering him a small smile before moving away and completing her circuit of the table.
Bracing herself as she stands in her usual dominating pose, she readies her speech. “My beloved coworkers, long have you toiled for the betterment of this company and for the restructuring of the world in the wake of Ragyo Kiryuin’s mad ambition. I stand here today to once again assert that I am not my mother. I enjoy life, love the complexities and foibles that make up the great mass of humanity we help clothe and those we will never interact with. My fortune is your fortune, my bounty your reward. I understand my appearance has been the subject of mockery in the business world, my old adage thrown back in my face. Pigs in human clothing. A fitting description of my body now, no? I wish to offer each of you a chance to show just what a group of pigs can do for the betterment of our lives, of our families lives, and the lives of every one of our customers!” She raised a fat arm then, motioning with obese digits for the other table behind to be uncovered. The cornucopia of food and the scents emanating from them banished her own foul odors from nearly every corner of the room. “Eat, make merry, gorge yourselves from this day onward and when your appetites are spent, when your very body requires the most expansive of our products, push beyond your limits and then return with fresh eyes to the pleasures your hard work has ensured and the continuation of said labors. EAT NOW AND SHOW THAT CLOTHING CANNOT HOLD HUMANITY EVER AGAIN!”
Nearly as one her board rose, some staying still, more of them making their way towards the spread Satsuki had provided, the woman pleased that the blond she had rested her gut on was the first to the table and the first to pile her plate as high as possible. Smiling warmly, she watched as the first of many began her path towards charting a new course for the REVOCS corporation and hopefully one that would lead towards a happier, safer, and far more peaceful humanity.

2. Outlaw Star

Suzuka glared down at the stubborn bit of flesh impeding her from fully putting on her recently expanded hakama. Sighing at the very notion of getting mad at a part of her own body, Suzuka instead let the ends of her belt go, belly hanging free. Closing her eyes, she began to meditate, letting go of the heavy body she had inhabited for the past year and a half, ignoring the craving for more of Aisha’s Ctarl-Ctarl delicacies, putting aside the self-recrimination at allowing herself to get soft, and finally putting aside the self as she flowed through the expanse of what her master had called the true path. Here she allowed herself to drift for a good half hour, her breathing calm, pulse steady, and mind sedate. Opening her dark eyes, she grabbed her bokken and began running through the katas her master had bestowed upon her.
One, two, three, Suzuka mentally counted as she cut a side-slash, then a riposte, and finally a double cut before returning to her neutral starting position. The chafing of her thighs brought mild annoyance, the sense of fatigue following not ten minutes later irked, but she paid those no mind as she continued her day’s training. A few hot blasts of flatulence tooted and squeaked their way into existence, joining the heady and dizzying foulness of Suzuka’s body odor but she ignored this too, turning the noises and stenches of her own body into a sparring partner. A cut along a fart’s invisible form, a wheel of her bokken, wrists turning the blade over and over again, flabby flesh embracing flabby flesh against  the oncoming wall of perspiration. The woman pushed herself off the ground with a mighty cry, the sensation of all her fat jostling and shaking as she fell back to the ground with a titanic blow, Suzuka finally ended her workout, a large tearing from the back of her hakama showing any and all her bare rear, coming to her ears.        
A whisper of motion to the left and rear is all the warning Suzuka gets before her friend ambushes her, Aisha reaching out with her hands for a big embrace. Suzuka dodges slightly, allowing the majority of Aisha’s hug to hit her. The strength, and weight, of Aisha causes the both of them to crash to the ground, Aisha on top.
“I got you Suzu!”
“Indeed you did and if your treats weren’t responsible for slowing my movements down you would never have succeeded.”
“Not my fault you’re letting yourself go!”
“Not entirely your fault you mean,” Suzuka replied, smiling at the sight of Aisha’s twitching eyebrows.
“It is so your fault! You’ve become a real pig, Suzu!”
“A pig you cuddle with at night.”
“Helps you’re so soft,” Aisha replied, getting to her feet and reaching out a hand to help Suzuka up. “Now I bet you’re starving, huh?”
“A fat woman hungry after a workout, who would have guessed?” Suzuka deadpanned.
“Just c’mon, Melfina’s cooking us up a feast!” Suzuka nodded at that and followed along with her friend towards the dining area of the Outlaw Star. As they entered, the swordswoman spotted the slightly chubby form of Melfina, the android’s fat, friendly face beaming at the pair of them. Suzuka gave thanks for the meal and Melfina’s cooking talents. The three feasted, the end of the meal punctuated with a massive fart, silencing Aisha’s exuberance at getting three whole lobsters to herself. Suzuka took in Melfina’s blushing face, the slight parting of her lips indicating she was about to be her honest, kind self.
“I am not apologizing for that,” Suzuka announced, ceding control to the gas within her and putting effort into forcing out a fart that eclipsed Melfinas. “Consider that a testament to your skills, Melfina, it usually takes quite the culinary talent to slip past the muscles of my bowels.”
“T-thank you,” Melfina replied, bowing a bit. Aisha, for her part, was laughing and chortling louder than her usual pleased self.
“Suzuka, you total pig you! I know what words to say now to call you to dinner! Soo-ee! Here, have the rest of my plate too. I wanna see if you can top what you just did!”
Suzuka sighed, shook her head at her friend’s wild personality, but did nothing to stop the wide smile taking over her face as she opened her mouth and let Aisha begin to feed her. She took note of just how much Aisha was shoving into her and calculated just how much of the dessert Melfina had no doubt prepared she needed to pay her closest friend back for the delight she was taking in racking up the tailor’s expenses she’d need to expand her hakama for the twenty fifth time since the end of Hazanko’s evil.

3. Black Lagoon

Revy swore as the sunlight stabbed into her half open eyes, the woman rolling over and basking in a loud fart that brought a pleased smile to her lips as she heard Rock coughing heavily. “Morning dipshit! That’s what you get for waking me up early!”
“It’s almost four in the afternoon.”
A fat hand had her lefthand gun cocked and aimed at Rock’s groin before the man realized the blob that was Revy’s left arm hadn’t just been quivering from the aftershock of her flatulence. “Keep telling me what time it is and say goodbye to your pecker. Now leave my fucking room!” She waited for the door to shut or his legs to push through the sea of discarded bullet magazines, stained clothes, and empty food cartons that made up the majority of her room, her bed no exception. Sitting up when she didn’t hear either noise, her multiple rolled gut squishing together as she moved, a raunchy burp flying from her lips, Revy glared. “Don’t tell me you get off on my fat ass. Because that’s clearly the only fucking reason you’re still in my room when I told you in plain English to scram. Now are you going to admit you’re a fucked up perv or am I letting my guns start talking in lead?”
“We both know you’re not going to shoot me. I’m just making sure you were still here. Last time you went on a bender you nearly got us kicked out of Roanapur. Plus Benny’s ordering pizza from New York again. I wanted to make sure you could put in your order.”
“Well I’m clearly just dandy, Rock, now get out of my room and next time you wake me up before I’m ready to get up you better have that shirt I bought you on so you can at least be buried in something with fucking class. Tell Benny he better get five supreme pies with extra meat or I’ll piss on his hard drives.”
“Understood and next time I’ll have the shirt on.” He left shortly after that, Revy eventually getting to her feet and shutting the blinds on her window, panting from how much effort it took to lift her arms up. Sitting back down on her bed, she fished around for a half day old carton of General Tso’s, sinking her teeth in and deciding that she’d go check in on Benny and Rock in nothing but her underwear. The looks on their faces would be fucking amazing, she thought to herself. Mind made up, Revy tossed the still halfway full carton back into the sea of trash and got to her feet. Scratching her ass, ignoring the stench from her stained panties, she made her way out of her apartment, but not before grabbing her gun holsters and securing both weapons.
Waddling down the hallway, Revy’s right eye twitched at the out of order sign on the elevator, opening her mouth and cursing so loud she was certain that chubby bitch Eda heard it in her fucking church.
Slob Drabbles 2
I own nothing in this story. I tried my best not to include any overt romantic or pure eating scenes in this set of drabbles. Let me know how I did.


No journal entries yet.


United States

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