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Donna Troy stared wide-eyed at the gluttony before her. Even during her time as a Titan, with Wally West and his incredible appetite, the combined hunger of her sister Amazons during the festival of Adephagia was something to behold. She saw one of her sisters’ belly turgid, drool dribbling down her mouth, cram a bit of leftover roasted boar past her lips, belching heartily before passing out in a food-coma.

“Amazing, as always,” Donna murmured, spying one of her sisters bereft of a full plate. Darting forward, she heaped more helpings of boar, and some french fries from Big Belly Burger she and Diana had brought with them from Man’s World, gently holding up a chunk of meat. “Gentle sister, chew, that’s it, revel in the glory of our beloved Adephagia.”

“Erp, my thanks…mphfff…princess!” The blond Amazon replied, before regaining her second wind and resumed eating with gusto.

Diana Prince watched her little sister with pride as she did her royal duty to aid her fellow sisters in unleashing the gluttony within. Hearing a feeble burp, Diana turned her attention to the sound, finding Artemis, tubby digits reaching towards an overturned gourd of wine. Moving swiftly, Diana grabbed a full jug of wine, twice the size of Artemis’s drained gourd, and brought it to her lips.


“Stupendous, Artemis, truly worthy of song is your gluttony,” Diana cooed as she finished pouring the whole jug down the Amazon’s throat. Artemis’s stomach looked nearly as red as her hair, the gut hanging low, almost brushing the earthen floor of the temple she’d holed herself up in as the night wore on.


“You honor our worship wonderfully with your display of gluttony, Artemis,” Diana replied, bowing a bit. Meeting her some-time rival’s eyes, she gave her a smirk. “Your belching, though, requires further refinement.”

Artemis was passed out, her appetite sated, the chairs she had been using to prop her massive rear up fit for nothing but kindling as her heavy body expanded further thanks to Adephagia’s power over the island on this particular day. Diana payed attention to Artemis’s final size, noting in particular her three extra chins. She couldn’t wait to indulge her own hunger but knew that the time wasn’t right. First she must aid her fellow Amazons, then, when all were attended to, could she indulge herself.

Hippolyta smiled warmly at the sight of her dutiful daughters helping the other Amazons. It almost made her not get that throbbing to the right of her skull as she thought about Diana’s marriage to Bruce Wayne. Still, she couldn’t focus on that now, with her dear General a belching, farting ball of flesh, struggling to even lift a plate of sugared dates and those delicious donuts her daughters had brought with them from Man’s World.

Approaching the supremely obese dark-skinned blob that was her Phillipus, Hippolyta grabbed the plate and gently brought it within reach of her love’s mouth. “My Queen, please don’t lower yourself to aid a pig like-“ but Hippolyta cut off her darling’s reply with a deep kiss. She adored the taste of so much fattening foods mixed in with Phillipus’s usual tingling sensation their kisses always brought to her.

“Nonsense, Phillipus, you obviously still have room in this orb you call a stomach. So squeal for me, agapitos.”

Phillipus snorted and did indeed squeal as she buried her fat face into the offered plate, gorging and slobbering as she stuffed herself further. Hippolyta enjoyed the moment, taking in the total dissipation of Phillpus’s muscle tone, the quivering and jostling of her stuffed body, and the way her multiple belly and butt rolls caught the torchlight under the stars. Eventually, after three more refills of her plate, Phillipus passed out after licking the plate clean. Hippolyta spared a moment to compare Phillipus’s vast size to her own muscular frame. She surmised it would take nearly twenty of her as she was now to equal the blob of flesh she would have called her fellow Queen millennia ago had she only been less focused on her duty and more on her heart. But thoughts of love and might-have-beens were driven from the queen as she heard her eldest daughter’s voice behind her.

“Mother, it is time.”

“Understood, my sun and stars. Let us ascend.”

With Donna joining on her left and Diana on her right, with herself striding only a few paces further ahead of them, the trio walked up the seventy steps towards the temple of Adephagia. Each step that brought them closer only increased their mounting hunger and urge to completely abandon all manners, decorum, and duty in the face of the gluttony ahead. Hippolyta held her breath as she finally reached the top, followed swiftly by her daughters, who both gasped at the sight. It always was magnificent, the feast the goddess bestowed upon the three royals of Themyscira. There was food from Man’s World Hippolyta couldn’t begin to name, deep fried sandwiches larger than half her arm, libations and drinks from the whole of creation, there was so much Hippolyta didn’t know where to begin.

Donna did, leaping into a pile of lasanga, pasta, and pizza, scarfing down what she could reach, teeth mashing, throat gulping, and body already starting to soften. “I’m gonna snarf um…olp, beat you this year Diana!” Her abs had pooched out into a large pot-belly, easily visible through her ceremonial robe, the stains of the various food she was consuming and resting in showing up everywhere, turning the garment into a rainbow of color. Grabbing two slices of pizza, she shoved both in at the same time, eyes widening at the incredible taste. “For shuzre gonna win! Ulp! URAAAAPP!”

But Diana didn’t reply. She was too busy eating on all fours surrounded by racks of lamb, ribs of beef slathered in sauce, and link after link of pork sausage filled with cheese. Hippolyta watched as her eldest daughter’s rear exploded with fat, ripping clean through the back of her robe and bare to the elements even as it gained cellulite and started to droop. After a few hearty mastications from Diana, her butt was now touching the floor of the temple itself, to say nothing of how her love-handles were starting to creep along the floor like the movement of the waves on the beach. Her face grew one, then two, then three more chins as she shoved her face more and more into this pile and that, bits of meat in one chin roll, a bit of wine staining another; lips ringed with red that Hippolyta believed was called ketchup. Already Diana was eclipsing Phillipa in size, her tubby form brushing against Donna’s smaller one, the pleased moans and angry grunts coming from her younger daughter told of her little one’s discontent. Though as she moved her gaze over to Donna, Hippolyta gaped that she was only a tiny bit less than Diana and still growing.

Hippolyta watched as Diana finally finished all of the food in front of her, nearly two quarters of the whole feast. Donna had nearly eaten the same amount, both of her daughters now possessing useless arms and legs that looked like a bloated tick squirming around to regain motion. “M-ulp…MURRAPther…do we honor the-hughn…oh….Amazons?” Diana managed to say after three minutes of trying to speak.

“When it takes you so long and tires you out merely to speak, my daughter, you have done splendidly.”

“I-UGHPMH…olp…still lost!” Donna whined. Hippolyta approached her smaller daughter and pressed a hand against what she assumed was the right side of her face. Even that part of her body alone equaled three of Hippolyta currently.

“My little sun and stars, don’t fret over losing to such a worthy opponent. You still honored Adephagia and all Amazons with your gluttony.”

“I’m….still…huff….hughn…off…hungry!” Donna whined, her useless limbs quivering and moving half an inch as she cried out. Hippolyta grabbed a handful of food and shoved it in, not caring what she grabbed as she knew her daughter didn’t. Donna’s hunger took another quarter of the food all around to sate, the young woman now barely recognizable as human with all the flab obscuring her features. Hippolyta moved from her blob of a daughter to her eldest, a hand trailing along Diana’s butt, curiosity causing her to press against it, the whole hand vanishing and most of the wrist doing the same. Extricating her hand, Hippolyta walked around to Diana’s face.

“Thanks for…hughn….fffffnnnn……everything….oph….mother,” Diana said softly.

“I merely want you two to enjoy yourselves during this celebration and I’m so glad you can.”

“Your…..turn,” Diana wheezed out, before finally succumbing to her meal. Hippolyta did nothing to clean up Diana’s face or body as she slept, turning, instead, to the food that remained. Her two daughters had managed to clear half of the temple grounds, leaving the rest for herself.

Moving to the opposite side of the temple, Hippolyta grabbed her first meal of this feast: a hamburger she heard Donna and Diana call it. Losing all manners, she shoved half the food into her mouth, letting out a moan at the divine taste. She swiftly finished the burger off, her body softening. Holding out her right arm, she watched as the muscle tone vanished, flab replacing it. Grabbing a dish containing a dark liquid, she drunk the whole thing down in one motion.


The liquid was thick, and tasted faintly of beef. Was this that gravy she had had back in Wayne Manor last year? Whatever it was, the stuff tasted better than the burger and she watched as it ruined her physique. She had a gut now, droopy and heavy in her hands. Opening her lips, she vented a mighty belch, tasting again the beef liquid on her tongue. Diving into the next pile, Hippolyta ate like a pig, outdoing her daughters as she grunted, moaned, and snorted as she went from food to food. Munching, chewing, swallowing, belching. Closing her eyes after a tasty side of venison, Hipplotya clenched the cart-sized globs of fat she now called her rear and farted louder than any expulsion she had heard that night and with Artemis among their number that was saying something. Sniffing in the scent of her nastiest self, Hippolyta felt her hunger only increase as she dove into a cake. By the time five of the ten layers were in her stomach, Hippolyta realized she was nearing the end of the remaining food. Yet her stomach still roared as she finished off the last crumb, her body now twice as large as Diana and Donna combined.

But she didn’t revel in how huge she was, didn’t care that it took four minutes just to move one of her grossly fat fingers, she just wanted more food.

“AdeUUURRRAAPPPHAGIA! Heuurrrppp, hear my…olp…my prayer for more….more food…more ugh…of me!” Hippolyta felt a hand trail along her lowermost belly roll, itself thirty of herself before she had indulged. Then another hand pressing into the adipose all along her rear, then more and more until every bit of fat she had on her frame was being pressed, caressed, or teased. Finally, the sensation of all those touches vanished, save for the one cupping her original chin, Hippolyta staring into the eyes of Adephagia herself.

She was rail thin, the very sight causing the queen to start to speak, but was silenced by a finger to her lips. “No, don’t waste your energy talking, my little Hippolyta. How I adore watching you, your family, and your nation glut themselves in my name. But, as you can see, all the power I use fattening your god-gifted bodies up takes a lot of my lovely obesity. So if you want to truly grow larger than you are now, you must swear to keep that form for a whole year. On the dawn of the day one year from now, you shall return to your usual figure. So, do you still want to laugh and grow fat?”

“My…people-URRRAPP! Can I defend…..ULP them still…as a glutton?”

“Still thinking with duty over what you really want Hippolyta? I thought you were past that particular hang-up.”

“I want…to be…fat and…URRRAAP…indulge. I want P-OHHHMMMMM-Phillipus as my Queen by my side…but—no…I want to be huge!”

A date was in Adephagia’s right hand. “Eat this and your prayer will be answered.”

Hippolyta opened her mouth and consumed without a second thought.

The next day, Diana slowly opened her eyes, getting to her feet and a little sad that it was easy to do so. Looking down, she brightened up when she saw a bulging gut instead of her toned legs. But the ground she was on, she suddenly realized, wasn’t ground at all. It was flesh, undulating, jiggly, quivering flesh with cellulite patches bigger than her currently fat body. A hill of flab loomed ahead, Diana moving towards it and gaping as she recognized the eyes that looked down at her from that hefty height.


“Sit down my sun and stars, I shall explain,” Hippolyta said calmly, Diana doing as she was asked, idly noting a chubby Donna sitting on one of their mother’s pockets of face flesh nearby.

Nearly an hour later, Diana was huffing and puffing as she waddled down the steps, Donna already at the bottom. A phone was in her hand, taking a picture as Diana reached her. Snatching the piece of technology from her sibling, Diana observed the picture of herself. Her great gut she had had an hour ago was starting to recede but not by much. Her face was nearly as fat as her titanic rear, both larger than her stomach now was, the sweat and exhaustion showing all over her in this photograph clearly on display in high definition.

“What are you going to..huff…do with this?” She pinched her little sister’s lowermost belly roll as her eyes narrowed into a glare.
“Send it to Bruce, of course. He needs to see just how big a pig you are beneath your muscles!”

Diana took a picture of Donna in return, chubby fingers regaining their dexterity by the moment as she cracked her sister’s security settings with ease. “How will you do that when you’re too busy explaining to Dick about your fatter self?”

“When did you get so good at tech stuff?!” Donna exclaimed, hands on her love handles.

“When my son showed me. You really should ask Tim to teach you, he is very brilliant.”

But before Donna could reply, Phillipus appeared before them. Her figure was smaller than theirs, but not by much, her muscle tone regained, but her body more fat than anything else. Her gut nearly touched the stone floor in front of the steps as she bowed. “Highnesses, where is your mother, we saw that strange mass appear on the temple and were worried!”

“Worry no more, General, for that is our mother. She received a blessing from Adephagia, a year-long obese existence. She needs to be well-cared for though, personally attended with skilled hands. Her words on that last instruction,” Diana said, amused at the flush that showed on Phillipus’s usually stoic face.

“I understand. I shall endeavor to see her post-haste. Have a safe journey back to Man’s World, Highnesses, once you have fully regained yourselves, of course.”

Diana and Donna hugged one another as much as they were able to, their doughy sides meshing long before they were used to though, Diana’s greater bulk causing Donna to lose her posture as she stumbled back a little. As they watched Phillipus’s chunky rear jiggle and sway with each waddling run she took, both had happy smiles on their faces. “I’m glad Mom will get to be happy with the woman she loves,” Donna said.

“I agree, now I believe you beat me last night, but we still have some fat left. What do you say to one more feast before we depart?”

“You’re on tubbo!”

Donna took off then, still all energy despite her size, leaving Diana to try and keep up the pace, wondering if she should show Bruce the picture Donna had taken. He had been such a great aid in helping her prepare for this gluttonous day after all, and had only increased his passion for her after she decided to eat two extra plates of Alfred’s heavenly pork roast three weeks ago. But soon enough she shook her head. That was the future and now she had to focus on showing her sister what a true Amazon gorging themselves looked like post-Adephagia day.

Atop Hipployta’s original chin, Phillipus was giving a great shout of joy. Hippolyta, for her part, was crying happy tears of her own. She finally had her Queen after all this time. A rumbling sound not unlike thunder roared all around the happy couple, Phillipus adopting a fighting stance, Hippolyta chuckling at how silly she appeared in her current tubby state. “Agapitos, calm yourself. That was merely my hunger making itself known.”

“I shall return with-“ But Phillipus was silenced at the sudden materialization of enough food to feed all of the army on the island and then some.

“No need, darling. Please bring me the boar first, then I want to feed you some of this.”

Phillipus gulped as she looked at the size of the animal her queen wanted, but nodded, striding forward to ensure her lover’s happiness above all else, inwardly hoping Hippolyta wouldn’t mind if she herself decided to spend this year fattening up as well.
Amazon Gluttony (Wonder Woman WG/Slob Fic)
Posting a fill I did on another site here. I own nothing in this story.

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Liminal Edibles were an attempt at creating something different species of monster types could consume in one easily digestible meal. The test subjects of the now defunct corporation and their product vanished into a haze of gluttony and sloth. The final cases of the defective product were on their way to be incinerated by truck.

Or they should have been if it wasn’t for the lazy keystrokes of one Ms. Smith.

So it was that the package of contraband food ended up on the doorstep of Kimihito Kurusu and in front of the eight curious red eyes of Rachnera Arachnera, better known to her Honey and the others as Rachnee. She huffed a bit of a stray lock of her silvery-white hair out of a couple of her eyes and observed the box of foodstuffs. A few of her legs tapped along the box while her chitonus black fingers grabbed a package of the stuff and brought it closer. Shutting the front door, the spider-woman made her way towards the living room. Tearing into a box, with no care for the bits of packaging now littered on the floor, she fished out a couple bits of food. It wasn’t much to look at, a few wafer squares, but she plopped the stuff into her mouth anyway.

Grabbing four more boxes, she savored the taste in her mouth before swallowing, rolling her eyes. Typical of that human waste of space that called herself her case manager, Rachnee thought, legs clacking along on the wooden floor before she shot out a line of webbing and pulled herself up towards her room in a darker corner of home.

The mess Rachnee left behind was found nearly an hour later by her fellow housemate, the centauride Centorea Shianus, her ears flicking a bit as she let loose her best snort at the sight of the mess. Blue eyes trailing the bits of webbing that still hung on the ceiling, she got to work cleaning up the mess, taking in the opened package and the food inside the cardboard. The bright typeface and colorful mascot promised a worthy supplement to the regular meals of the day. Taking a box for herself, but only after cleaning up the mess as was proper when one came across such a thing, Centorea decided she’d have it with the carrots she had in the fridge not ten feet away in her room. Entering her bedroom, nodding at the cleanliness and order on display, she opened the fridge, munched on a carrot, and promptly ate three of the wafer squares. The taste wasn’t the best but she supposed it was to be expected of a supplement. Tossing her long blond hair and swishing her tail back and forth, Centorea closed her eyes, thoughts on her master currently on vacation with the others in the house save for Rachnee. As her breathing evened out, she decided a quick nap was in order after the patrol she’d completed and mess she cleaned up.

GMO’s whirled and danced along the bloodstreams of the two liminals over the next couple of weeks, merging with DNA and forever altering their bodies at the genetic level, the more visible results of this change were slowly happening, but both young women chalked it up to various other factors in their lives.

To Rachnee, her chitinous digits coated in barbeque sauce and fried chicken crumbs as she mashed at her games console, the extra fat ringing her face and softening her already large lower half was just inevitable she supposed. Her diet wasn’t the best but she didn’t give a damn. She had a roof over her head, a tolerable human being in her Honey, and entertainment aplenty versus the suffering she’d endured on the streets and at the hands of the shithead humans she had known. Picking up another chicken breast, she pierced the fried skin with her fangs, sucking up the grease, meat, and fry batter as if she hadn’t eaten in months. “Sssssfffffhhiip! Damn, that’s the stuff right there!” the spider-woman exclaimed, reaching for another piece of chicken after tossing the empty fried husk into the corner of her room. After sucking another bit of chicken down her mouth, she gave a great burp and returned her attention fully to her game, happy with how this extended alone time was going.

To Centorea, her fatter face, softer rump, and wider breasts were simply do to her straying from the true warrior’s path. So she picked up her patrols, worked out twice as hard, and mediated on the art of war day and night. She also ate three times as much at meals, coating her beloved veggies in steak sauce and other such condiments, the centauride finding the usual crunchy carrots and tasty celery a bit boring to her tastebuds. But no matter how much she trained, her increased appetite and slow metabolism only added to the softness spreading over her figure. Currently, Centorea was cleaning up after another of Rachnee’s messes, bending low to grab some bits of webbing. Normally Rachnee’s webbing was a healthy white color but this newer variety was less thick and a sickly yellowish shade. As she picked up a bit more of the stuff, a popping sound rang out. Looking down, Centorea gaped a bit at her human stomach and the fleshy glob it had become spreading from her popped button. “Oh my!” She resolved herself to train harder at the sight, getting back to her feet. As she started to move on to another web pile, she heard Rachnee’s voice.

“Horse butt, get in here! I need more food!”

Sighing, but not one to let anyone suffer, even a being as selfish and conniving as her housemate Rachnee, Centorea trotted her way up the stairs and into the spider-woman’s room after grabbing a bag of recently delivered food from the government. There were her usual veggies mixed in with some sandwiches, double-stacked with meat and leaking condiments as she fished a few out for Rachnee. The chubbier arachnid was yet again at one of her many games consoles, hammering away at the buttons and yelling at the screen.

“I’m gonna kick your pansy ass Satan! Put some damn pants on when I’m whupping your damned nads!” Centorea coughed loudly, three of Rachnee’s eyes looking her way. “Fingers are a little occupied right now, horse butt, so just shove those subs in my mouth. Not like I’m trying to keep my womanly figure or anything.”

“Please address me by my name, Rachnee, and I will not feed you. You can pause your contraption and eat at your leisure.” Rachnee paused the game, all of her eyes now on Centorea. She didn’t come and get the food though, instead raising one of her eight legs and beckoned the centauride closer.

“Centorea, do you know the evil I am this close to vanquishing?” Centorea’s ears perked up.

“Vanquishing evil, you?”

“What can I say, a nice hobby of mine, anyway, I am this close to defeating Lucifer himself.” Centorea thought back to her many weapons, most handed down from medieval times, and her favorite, a plain broadword with an inscription in Latin to ward against the enemy of mankind, were all made during those valiant days. But could Rachnee hold the key to doing such a thing, when so many brave knights and warriors could not?

“I thought these machines of yours just blasted incomprehensible noise and flashes.”

“That’s my Atari, Centorea. No, my Playstation here, third of its distinguished line, is giving me the opportunity to save the wretched souls lost in Hell and to put an end to Lucifer’s mad ambitions. So, obviously, I cannot pause and simply eat, even though I’m hungry. Please, won’t you help give my body the fuel it needs to see this through?”

Centorea nodded, a determined expression on her face as she reached out with the first sandwich, crossing over swiftly, the game unpaused as the first bit of it was pressed past Rachnee’s lips.

“Snarf…mmmmmm….damn this is good!” Centorea carefully put more in as she turned her attention towards the screen and the small figure firing cross-shaped blasts of energy against a figure that could only be Satan himself. “Don’t be gentle, shove the food in!” Over half of the sandwich followed, Rachnee grunting heaviliy as she struggled to eat and swallow the massive bite, but not two seconds after managing the feat, a pointy end of one of her legs brushed against Centorea’s left front leg. “More!”

“Of course,” she replied, impressed by Rachnee’s appetite. It was nearly a match for her own and she was eating even more than usual these days! “What will you do when you beat Lucifer, Rachnee?”

“That will be the…GULP…huff…Shpppffff….end of the adventure.” Bits of crumbs and sauce now stained Rachnee’s face but she focused on playing, Centorea dutifully shoving more food into her gluttonous mouth and finally, twelve minutes since the feeding began, Lucifer was dead and the screen showed an ending.

Turing off the system, Rachnee wrapped a couple legs along Centorea’s right flank. “Thanks hor-I mean Centorea.”

Centorea rested her right hand on Rachnee’s human-esque arm. “After the feat of skill and bravery I just witnessed, you can call me Cerea, noble friend.”

“Cerea huh? Alright, Cerea, since you’re being so buddy-buddy with me and you fed me and didn’t complain once about the mess or smell I made, do you think we could do this say one day out of the week from now on?”

“I will, Rachnee, but only if you promise to keep on fighting evil-doers like Lucifer.”

“Oh, trust me Cerea, I’ve got a long list. M. Bison, Veran, Dahlia Hawthorne, The Witches of Crookback Bog, and on and on. Lucifer was just the first since he’s kinda like the head of the snake. Maybe Miia’s related to him, now that I think about it.”

“Rachnee, please, Miia is a fine friend and the first of Master’s guests. She deserves respect, just like any other liminal or human.”

“I was just joking, Cerea, she’s fine. By the way, when did Honey say he’d be coming home?”

“Ah, yes, about that…I believe Papi told me in her latest postcard that there was a misunderstanding so the trip has been extended by a whole year, if you can believe it!”

“A whole year without Honey over a misunderstanding, huh? Honestly the guy seems to be living in a romantic comedy some days. Well good thing we’ve got one another, good food, and tons of entertainment, right?”

“I agree, but you never seemed the type to enjoy fighting evil-doers. Why start now?”

“Well you and the rest of the group have rubbed off on me a bit. I’m not going to completely change my stripes though. This is what I’ll be doing, besides stuffing my face and enjoying myself, most of the time. I’m glad you’re encouraging me!”

“Any opportunity to fight evil is always welcome and I know you’ll do great Rachnee. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must eat myself.”

“Just eat up here and you can watch me fight evil again or maybe you want to fight against me?”

“Alright, I will eat up here but fight against you? As in spar? Hone your techniques for your battles against those evil villains you named?”


“Hand me one of those devices and let us fight!” A loud growl rang out from Centorea’s stomach then, the centauride blushing. “After I eat, of course.”

“Of course,” Rachnee replied, shooting a strand of webbing out and nabbing the bag, bringing it up to her meal patsy. Friend, she corrected herself, my new friend. Her new friend proceeded to really go to town on those veggies, Rachnee quite pleased at her appetite, not thinking the usually reserved and oh-so-prideful horse butt had it in her. It was then, as another button popped from Cerea’s shirt, exposing her rapidly reddening middle, that Rachnee couldn’t help herself. “Want your belly to catch up to your chest, Cerea? Or is it your butt you’re trying to beat?”

“I beg your pardon, Rachnee?”

“Your belly there is very nice. Obviously you’ve been having more than veggies.”

“No, I’ve been sticking purely with my usual diet. Though lately I’ve been eating more, due to my straying from my path as a warrior. Your dedication has inspired me though and from this day forward I shall strive my very best to return towards that path.”

“Glad I could help,” Rachnee said under her breath, watching amusedly as her horse-reared pal fumbled with a controller. “Grip it like this,” Rachnee replied, showing her the proper way, a loud noise suddenly echoing all around.

“What was that?” Then the stench came to Centorea’s nostrils and her eyes watered. “Oh, how foul! Surely this is Lucifer’s final blow against you!”

“That was a fart, Cerea.”

“Oh…I did not know spiders could produce flatus.”

“I’m only part spider, though yes, that was a spider fart. My mouth can belch with the best of them though. Why are’t you asking me to apologize yet?”

“Flatulence is a natural part of the body and besides, the volume of my own expulsions can often be heard through the walls. It’s something I’ve grown used to, though your stench is very extreme. Perhaps you should see a physician?” A burbling, drawn out howl of a fart burst from the centauride’s rump then, outdoing the noise Rachnee had just made.

“Holy hell, Cerea! That was foul!”

“Please, it smells like they always do, now could you aid me in figuring out this odd contraption?”

“Sure thing,” Rachnee answered.

Routine set in over the weeks that followed until, two and a half months since Centorea had first fed her friend, the centauride took stock of her figure. The musculature around her middle was nothing but memory these days. In their place was a drooping apron of a belly that was close to halfway past the middle of her equine front. Her breasts had barely changed, just a tad softer. Her face, on the other hand, was sopping up the calories from her increasingly larger meals nearly as quickly as her belly. Incredibly soft cheeks, a double chin with a third nearly fully complete, even the bridge of her nose looked hefty!

How different from Rachnee’s human upper-half. Her friend had gobs of flesh for arms these days, the chitnous exterior mere armor for the soft flesh beneath. The flesh had fully cracked through that hard outer shell, revealing dainty fingers and pale skinned arms much like her own, though the hanging, doughy, curtain-like gobs of adipsoe hanging from those arms caused an obvious dichotomy. Besides her arms, Rachnee’s breasts were bigger than Centorea’s, and saggy, wide blobs by this point, looking like her current gut only smaller. Rachnee’s human stomach just barely pooched out, nearly disqualifying itself as a pot belly. The arachnid lower half of her friend was nearly all fat beneath the outer shell and sometimes Centorea could see the mass jostling this and that way whenever a web was spun or Rachnee got up to use the restroom. Speaking of webs, the stuff was hardly around the house these days, the majority of it in a great pile all around Rachnee’s bed/couch and corners of her room. The yellow had only increased in its vibrancy, the whiteness of her original strands lost to time.

Even though Rachnee clearly didn’t care about how large she was getting, or the various smells that were emitting from her, BO or otherwise, Centorea was annoyed. She had only been fiercer on herself with her training, her patrols, and her meditation. The time spent with Rachnee and honing a new perspective on fighting evil increased as well, so why? Why did she smell like her droppings mixed with a pile of weeks old trash? Why did her flatulence and belching only increase? She knew, deep down, that she was enjoying herself, happy to experience something other than the routine that her life was now in of striding the warrior’s path. But she needed an outside perspective, knowing Rachnee would just want her to give into this liminal state of joy and excitement about being so big and letting loose whenever and wherever. So, removing her gaze from the obese centauride in the mirror, Centorea dialed her mother.

“My little Cerea is a big woman now!”

“Mother, please, I know my appearance is unbecoming of a warrior, but-“

Her mother had her in a quick hug, silencing her following words. “Shush now, dear, and don’t go on about the warrior code of honor and such claptrap. You know I never liked you following the traditional ways.”

“But you let me anyway.”

“Because I love you Cerea, and you clearly wanted to do so. Now what’s got you calling me to come over and visit? Has that human decided to realize his feelings for you?”

“No, mother, and honestly I’ve given up on pursuing him. He obviously loves another, but enough talk about Master. My body’s expansion and my odors are why I asked after you.” A few fairly loud, for centaur standards, farts had already erupted from her equine rump, poisoning the room but her mother didn’t draw attention to them.

“You know I don’t train warriors anymore, honey, so if you’re asking for aid to get back into shape I-“

“I’m starting to enjoy this mother! I love eating, I love gorging on food and making those noises that would surely ruin any chances of fighting stealthily. I want to enjoy myself and grow like my friend Rachnee, but the part of myself that wants to be the best warrior she can is repulsed and I-I don’t know how to reconcile them!”

Her mother backed away then, giving Cerea a keen glance from hoof to head, trotting around and taking in just how much of her daughter there really was. Finally, she stroked along the middle of Cerea’s back, giving her a gentle pinch, Cerea cooing a bit at the touch, feeling her frazzled nerves subside a bit, grateful she could still feel that even after growing so large.

“Let yourself enjoy what makes you happy, honey. You’ve been so wrapped up in being the best warrior you could be, you need some other perspective for a change. Once you’ve had your fill, approach those parts of yourself with clear eyes. Stop thinking about what you can see in front of your fist and start thinking about what you can taste in front of your belly. Do you think you can do that, Cerea?”

“Yes, mother, and thank you.”

“Always, dear one.”

More weeks passed, Centorea’s doubts vanishing like carrots in front of her lips, the centauride coming up with new ways to feed Rachnee and sate her desires. The feeding method she was about to undertake was causing a giddy joy to fill her as she walked up the stairs, her balance as perfect as she could make it.

Once inside the room of her friend and in the correct position, Centorea got as low to the ground as she could, her gut smooshing against the wooden floor, multiple chins quivering as she shoved her fat face into the trough of hearty vegetable soup mixed with various bits of deepfried potatoes and squashes. Her horse half was just passing the two ton mark, the furry folds of her equine back wobbling little by little as she tried her best to balance the tray of ice cream, burgers, and fries Rachnee had wanted for her sixth meal of the day. Behind her, her tail swished uselessly against the inner flab of her massive ass, her rear so huge that it covered her tail completely save for the tuft at the very end. A rumbling vibration of a fart blasted from her, cheeks turning red even as she struggled to fill her fat mouth with more.

Above her, strung on pure yellow strings, was Rachnee, lowering herself bit by bit. Her spider friend was even larger than her, particularly in her lower half, breasts still larger, smell far worse. Even now, surrounded by the stew, Centorea could smell Rachnee much easier than the meal she was consuming. Burps and an odd sound that Centorea now knew meant Rachnee was farting filled her ears as the spider started masticating, bits of her meal falling onto the centauride’s back.

But she didn’t care. She was helping her friend eat, an honorable duty, as well as breaking her fast for the fourth time this day. Equine guts roiling, Centorea vented heartily, Rachnee laughing.

“Good one, Cerea!”

“I thank you for the compliment. Perhaps, after this is done, you would do me the honor of feeding me for a change.”

“A horse that wants to be a pig, who would have thought!” Rachnee crowed, turning her attention back to her meal.

“No thanks to you, my friend,” Centorea replied, resuming her meal with gusto.

“Well don’t expect me to return the favor today. Or tomorrow for that matter.”

“More evil-doers to slay?” Centorea remarked, taking a deep whiff of the air and letting loose a pleased whinny at the combined stench of herself and Rachnee. “But I thank you for being willing to feed me, even if it is only once.”

“Something like that,” Rachnee responded, finishing off the ice cream before concentrating all her attention on the burgers.

Two days after her latest feeding with Cerea, Rachnee was struggling to lift just one of her fingers as it rested on the sole remaining box of Liminal Edibles. She finally succeeded but after four minutes of the most physical effort she’d put into anything besides eating and gaming that week. This was her version of tapping her digits. Her shithead of a Coordinator was responsible for how much of her there was. By total accident Ms. Smith had given her the best experience of her life. Still, the fact that she was again negligent irked the spider-woman. She had done the research, knew what she and Cerea had eaten did to their kind. After obtaining the knowledge, she considered her options. She could use it against the rest of the monster women as they returned from their trip with Honey early next year. She could consume the rest of it for herself. She could share it with Cerea. But all those ideas weren’t quite right, Rachnee decided.

It took two more taps of her fingers before the lightbulb went off in her mind, a cackle escaping her lips.

Four days after her balancing tray act, Centorea was making her way towards the stairs leading towards Rachnee’s room, a plate full of today’s requested food. The extra large, meat filled, cheesy crust, and greasy pizzas almost overcame the stench of her human and equine halves, but not quite. One forward hoof step later though, and her world was suddenly surrounded by yellow. The pizzas were webbed along with her hands. Struggling was useless, the centauride knew from experience. Still, it was quite remarkable that her body was beginning to lift off the ground. Looking up, her neck the only part of her that really could move, though with how much fat there was around that part of her body it was more like her head was just another roll of fat, she saw Rachnee clinging to the ceiling.

“Hello Cerea, I see you brought the food.”

“Yes, and ordered precisely to your specifications.”

“Nothing for yourself?”

“I can eat later.”

“Actually, this is all for you.” Centorea gaped at that, eyes widening as she was observed by Rachnee’s many eyes, a gentle smile on the spider-woman’s lips. “Oh don’t give me that look. I see the way you look at me when I’m stuffing my face with the junk I eat. Even deep-frying your veggies doesn’t quite cut it these days, huh?”

Cerea shook her head. “No…” her voice was softer than at any time Rachnee could recall. “But I’m an herbivore, not meant for-“ A useless jiggle went up from Rachnee’s left arm as she bumped it lazily against Cerea’s face.

“Stop coming up with excuses. You want this, so just open your mouth and let me feed you for a change. Take care of you, for a change.” Centorea nodded, doing as asked, heart pounding as an uneven chunk of pizza was gripped by useless fingers and brought gracelessly over her mouth. Gravity did the rest as Rachnee let go, Centorea overcome by the first taste of the grease, cheese, meat, and sauce. She chewed, munched really, as slow as she could. This first bite brought alien tastes, but not, as she continued masticating, horrific sensations.

“Huff…hagh…OOOROOOORRAAAP! Oh my…Rachnee, that was…that was great!”

Rachne nodded, letting her bask in the afterglow of her first bite of pizza. “That’s the last time you’ll be able to string together a sentence that coherent for the next hour or so.” She pushed herself to grasp with both hands, two mushy piles of pizza shoved into Cera’s mouth, picking up the pace and adding a third, then a fourth, until Cerea’s just on the verge of choking. Rachnee pauses with her shoveling, partly to rest her pathetic fingers but mostly to observe. Cerea’s plump lips are halfway coated in pizza on either side, like lava flowing down the sides of a volcano, a great plume of cheese, meat, and sauce bubbling above the hole that is her mouth. But she can’t see much beyond the fog of pizza filling her, sounds that might be chewing coming to her ears.

GRRRRLLK! SHKKKKLLLER! URGGGAAEK! These noises and more are encased in a burbling mix of saliva and marinara sauce but somehow, after a good three minutes of those continued sounds, the pizza goes down. Rachnee allows some harried breaths before filling her mouth with more of the Italian staple, taking in Cerea’s bloated cheeks and wondering just how much is pizza and how much is fat. She finishes quicker this time, even as sweat is oozing out of her by this point, her mane shining, farts and burps increasing in ferocity and stench.

It only takes three more weak grasps to empty the plate Centorea had put the delivery order on. She’s close to being fully stuffed, she knows, her equine guts churning to digest the mass she’s been fed, but her eyes meet Rachnee’s middle two. “Don’t think that’s all you’re eating. I’ve got so much more for you. Eight limbs worth, in fact.” Those eight limbs come into Centorea’s view then, gaping at their size. Just one limb is larger than half of her gut!  And all along those limbs, webbed securely, were french fries, hot dogs, donuts, ice cream, pastas, fried chicken, and on and on until the centauride stopped trying to categorize the food.

Instead she opened her mouth, a spidery limb entering, the softer point touching the back of her throat as it deposited the herald of the feast to come.


“A twenty second burp, nice! Not as good as your two minute fart after the little break we had, but still, good work,” Rachnee commented, letting Centorea get as comfortable as possible on her back half. A few limbs carefully rubbed her friend’s equine gut, while others were gently kneading her human stomach. “Wondering how you can possibly still be alive after eating enough food for two centaur families in two hours?”

“My girth, of course,” Centorea spoke, the first words she’d said since being lowered to the ground and let loose from Rachnee’s webs.

“Liminal Edibles, a banned food some corporate slimballs tried to market as the any liminal wonder food. That’s why both of us have our lovely figures, fantastic gas, and heavenly body odor.”

“Those odd wafers…” Centorea murmured.

“Yep, all thanks to our fuckhead of a Coordinator.”

“Is it responsible for altering mental states?”

“No, it just changed us at a genetic level. Whatever you’re worried about in that fat head of yours is all you.”

“I’m not worried, just curious. I’m grateful I found that package.”

“Me too, but guess what?”


“I’ve got one box left.”

“I don’t think we need it.”

“It’s not for us. It’s to payback that woman. Think of the evil she could have caused if the others were home and had gotten it first? Or if a poor liminal had it delivered to their home instead?”

“I understand, but it shouldn’t have any effect on a human.”

“That’s how fucked up this stuff is,” Rachnee said, using a limb to rattle the cardboard box for effect.

“Let us have her reap what she sowed then, Rachnee.”

“I knew you’d see things my way, Cerea.”


Ms. Smith brought the soda to her mouth, beginning to chug the wonderful liquid down her throat. “Mmmmph….MMMMMPHGH! AHHHHH! UUUURRRRAAAAPPPPP!” She gave a series of giggles after her burp, tossing the now empty two liter bottle to a corner of her office that once had a trash can. Now it just contained an ocean of empty styrofoam, fast food bags, and cans. Pressing a button on her desk, she waited for the prompt response.

“Yes, Ms. Smith?”

“Manako, bring in a-urp-another of the bags.”

“Right away, ma’am.”

Ms. Smith brought a hand to her belly then, letting the tubbier digits sink into the multiple rolls she now had. If she wasn’t so caught up in how amazing all this food and drink tasted these days, she would have been upset. As it was, she moaned as the euphoric pleasure she’d been feeling more and more often after eating or drinking filled her mind.

A button popped off her recently tailored XXXL business suit, a tear coming to life as she sat up a bit more once Manako entered the office, arms filled with fast food bags.

Manako, for her part, took in the slightly fogged up sunglasses sliding down her boss’s nose, the  cellulite coming in along her face, the extra chin she now had, and, most strikingly, the way both her eyes were overtaking the flesh between them. In fact, if she wasn’t mistaken, it almost looked like she was turning into a Monoeye but that wasn’t possible. A human couldn’t just turn into a liminal!

“What are you staring at?!” Ms. Smith roared, drawing Manako’s attention back towards the reason she was here in the first place.

“R-right, sorry! Here’s your food, please enjoy!”

“HULMPH!” Manako gaped at the speed at which a burger vanished into her boss’s mouth, followed by fries, then chicken nuggets, then another burger. “Mmmpgh, tanks Man-URPko! Whantsh some?!”

“N-no, ma’am, all yours!” Bowing, Manako got out of there, a blast of flatulence ringing out and causing her single blue eye to water a bit. Blinking as she rounded the corner of office hallway, she brought a hand to her hammering heart. “Ms. Smith is so…so cute like that!”

Smiling as she heard her boss make an even bigger pig out of herself, Manako dialed up the pizza and Chinese restaurants in the city, ordering three times what she did a week ago. Giggling after paying for the order with Ms. Smith’s government account, something she ordered all her personal meals and items from, she returned to her desk, sitting down and drifting off to a lovely dream of a Monoeye Ms. Smith begging to be fed by a dominant version of herself.
Cerea: Rachnee's Dear Friend (Monster Musume)
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“Oh daffodil, look what he’s done to you,” Ivy murmured as she gently brushed against the deep cuts on Harley’s back and tried not to think about how many Harley had had on her front before her herbs and salves went to work. Harley winced a bit as she moved the sponge over a lower cut and finally gave a soft sob, prompting Ivy to stop with her care and move around to Harley’s front. Ivy hugged her best friend carefully, allowing Harley to cry into her as much as she needed.

“I’m never going back to him,” Harley said after her crying was done. She looked into Ivy’s eyes then. “Is it okay if I stay with you Red?”

“Always,” Ivy replied. “Now don’t expect to be your usual range of motion for at least ten days. You need plenty of bedrest and absolutely no unhealthy food, understood?”

Harley nodded and cupped the left side of Ivy’s face with her hand. “You’re more than I deserve.”

“You deserve to be happy and loved, daffodil,” Ivy replied. Harley kissed her on the lips then, Ivy grateful that she had given her the shot years ago. Or else she’d never realize just how amazing it was kissing Harleen Quinzel.

Harley didn’t chafe at the bedrest, didn’t whine for her sugary cereal or double cheeseburgers, in fact she let Ivy even choose what to watch on television more often than not. During one of their evening Netflix sessions, Harley gently squeezed Ivy’s hand. “I was thinking of something Red.”

“What were you thinking about?” Ivy said, hoping it wasn’t a plan for a robbery or a scheme to kill Batman. Crime was becoming increasingly pointless as her connection to the Green increased. What aid did she give to Nature if she blew up a building or stole more money? Even her urge to wipe out humanity was dimming as her powers grew. They weren’t the parasites she’d long saw them as, certainly reckless and stupid with their treatment of the planet, but that didn’t mean they all deserved to die.

“Letting myself go,” Harley announced, drawing Ivy’s thoughts back to her lover. Harley had puffed out her cheeks and stomach then before letting go and giggling.


“Well I’ve got to be my own person, not the obsessive that bastard tried to turn me into. Besides, I think it would be fun, eating whatever I want, not caring about the calories or the taste and just becoming a big old fatty!”

“You don’t have to worry about counting calories Harley, all thanks to the shot I gave you, remember?”

“That’s why I want you to fix that part of the cocktail you injected me with. I wanna get big but still enjoy your kisses, Red.” Ivy sat back a bit as she started to run calculations in her head. There would definitely be a challenge but as she looked into Harley’s eyes, seeing the need in them for something other than the Joker, something involving her, and something she could help the woman she loved with, there was only one answer Ivy could give.

“If that’s what you want Harley, I’ll help you, no matter what.”

Just under a month later, Ivy’s injected Harley with her revised formula, the clown giving her a sloppy kiss as a thank you before placing an order for six extra large pizzas with as much meat and cheese as the place could slap on. The redhead watched as Harley proudly carried the massive order to her favorite place to be, besides their shared bed, the couch. Opening the first box, Harley bit her slice in half, sucking up the stringy bits of dangling cheese that trailed off the slice. Ivy couldn’t help but be a little entranced at the messy way she slurped up that escaping dairy product nor could she stop watching as Harley managed to finish four out of the six boxes within an hour.

“UUUURRRRAAAAPPP! Oh Red, this is so good! You should try some!” Ivy looked at the offered slice brimming with dead mammals and marinara sauce, the goopy cheese and air bubble that hadn’t quite popped during the baking process. Shaking her head, Ivy took the offered slice and turned it around.

“I think you look better with your mouth full,” Ivy teased, empty hand tapping along Harley’s stuffed stomach while her other hand drew closer to her lips with the pizza. Harley moaned a bit as the pizza entered past her lips, chewing slowly, Ivy enjoying her lover’s arousal and pressed the rest of the slice in more urgently.

By the time Ivy stopped feeding Harley, the clown had managed two more boxes, a feat no normal person could accomplish with Harley’s build but then again, Ivy had worked hard to ensure the concoction she’d injected Harley with would ensure a greater capacity for food and much slower metabolism, ensuring her lovely stuffed soulmate would become very, very huge if she kept eating like this.

If I keep stuffing her like this, Ivy thought, images of doing this again and again brought a heat to her loins as she took in Harley’s gorged body. “Harley…would you like me to keep doing this to you?”

“For me, Red and yes, I’d love that. URP!” Ivy didn’t recoil at the belch, smelly as it was, instead she moved in close and kissed Harley as deeply as she could. Breaking apart and wincing a bit at the pizza mixed in with Harley’s usual taste, Ivy offered her a warm smile.

“Then digest and when you wake up we’ll make sure all this pizza goes to that belly of yours, ‘kay?”

Harley nodded and yawned, eyes growing droopy before finally falling asleep, Ivy spooning her, mindful of the digesting gut and placing a hand on her taut belly carefully before joining the clown in slumber.

Standing before the full-length bedroom mirror months after starting her journey towards becoming a larger version of herself, Harley giggled as she gripped with fatter fingers along her multiple rolled gut. “AAAARRRGH, burgers beware, I be hungerin’ for some plundering!” She moved her lower belly roll up and down at that, her laughter only increasing as she looked down to see her feet and remembered that she hadn’t seen them standing up in over three weeks now. Her fatter face quivered and jostled often, showing off the extra chin she had developed and the half bit of one on the way. Her breasts looked about as round and plump as her rear had been back in her skinny days. Speaking of her rear, Harley turned around and started doing the classic Ace Ventura, adopting a deeper voice for her ass. “I’m here to break chairs and fart and I’m all outta beans!” She howled at that and sat back down on the bed, loving the slight groan the metal frame was making these days. Cellulite and gobs of flesh drooped and quivered along her butt, the day fast approaching where she’d need two chairs to comfortably sit down.

Her guts roiled suddenly and a mighty trumpet of a fart rang out, Harley’s eyes widening as she put finger to her lips. “Be very, very quiet, butty, we’re hunting wabbit!” Inhaling the stench that had come to signal her wonderful new life, Harley pulled herself away from the mirror and towards the kitchen, whistling as she spotted Red wearing nothing. A frequent occurrence nowadays and one Harley adored nearly as much as her gas and fat. Waddling, and being overjoyed that she couldn’t walk normally without really putting effort into keeping her thighs apart, closer, Harley gave a hearty slap to Red’s toned rear. “Mornin’ Red!”

“Good morning Harley. Make yourself comfortable and I’ll have two stacks of waffles, pancakes, and twenty strips of bacon to you as soon as I can.”

“I will but first,” Harley murmured in Ivy’s right ear, “do I still smell like the best flower ever?” She had raised her arms slightly at that, allowing the dips and flaps of her massive body to let loose her BO. Ivy’s whole body tensed at that before she gave a little breathy moan.

“If that flower had been lying in a skunk’s scent glands coated in month’s old garbage, sure,” Ivy answered. Harley rewarded her answer with a swift kiss before taking a deep whiff of her own. There was the usual stink that made up herself but besides that there was another odor. It wasn’t like the stench she produced nowadays but it wasn’t that far off. This was something earthy but still quite heady. The doctor was reminded of a fungus growing off a dead bird she’d seen when camping as a little kid. She then realized where this new scent was coming from. “Red…your BO…hubba hubba!” Harley didn’t need to look to know her Pam was rolling her eyes at her.

“You know I don’t get out of the house much and I was never one for shampoo or conditioner. Let’s just say I’m letting myself go.”

“Does that mean you’ll be joining me in tubbo-land?!”

Ivy turned at that, some pancakes and waffles on a plate in her hand. Handing them to Harley, she showed her the toned abs and sensual body she still had. “No, Harley, I’m fine watching you blimp up.”

“You just haven’t done it Red, trust me it’s one thing watching it happen but to really let go yourself and become a total pig? Nothin’ better! But anyway, mind if I start breakfast early? I don’t wanna wait until everything’s done.”

“Of course not, daffodil, dig in.”

That evening, had Harley been awake and not dreaming of a buffet staffed by an army of Red’s, all ready to feed her, she would have found the other side of the bed empty. Ivy was in the bathroom, hands on the stuffed middle she’d filled not fifteen minutes ago. She didn’t leave any traces of her sudden binge, the large milkshake and leftover pasta filling her swiftly. Fingers probed along the green bulge and she felt a sudden belch travel up her throat.


It was a blade of grass in a hurricane compared against Harley’s massive expulsions but Ivy didn’t care. She felt good, the Green pulsing within her and pressed deeper, busting out a louder belch, clenching her rear a bit and forcing out a fart soon afterwards. The Green responded and a few plants trailed along her nude body.

“Mmmmmm…maybe you’re right Harley, maybe bigger is better.”

After twelve more minutes of observing her body, inhaling and exhaling the gas she produced, Ivy shut off the bathroom light and returned to bed, cuddling up to Harley’s obese body and imagining herself that big before falling asleep, dreaming following shortly afterwards.

Harley winced a bit at the pain in her guts before farting, the agony subsiding and the doctor now surrounded by her stench. Smiling at how smelly she was making Red, Harley turned to look at her slumbering lover and ogled just how much more of her there was these days. She remembered Ivy coming to her, stuffed gut proudly displayed, tooting with every sway of her hips, her own gobsmacked expression at the gorged older woman. But after her initial shock she proved a fine teacher if she did say so herself, gentle here, forceful there, always a little loopy to keep Ivy on her butt and not her toes. Harley took in Ivy’s rounder face, her extra chin, the arcs of flab around the spheres she called her breasts. A massive middle, nearly reaching her kneecap if Ivy stood up, but Harley didn’t want her to wake just yet. Her hips, always wide, were now so soft and tubby that they even had hers beat. But it was Ivy’s ass, the mother of all butts as far as the clown was concerned, that took the crown. Sagging, often quivering and jostling from the slightest movement and with multiple little shelfs of its own, it was Ivy’s butt that Harley loved the most about her super-sized gal pal. Placing a kiss to one of those sweaty cheeks, Harley got to her feet in under ten minutes, her version of speedy these days, and waddled her way towards the kitchen.

She’d need a lot of fuel to continue the road she’d set Ivy on and ensure that the both of them would have a very large future ahead of them.

Ivy grinned at the fresh vegetables Harley had laid out for her. Ever since deciding to join her hefty harlequin in a fatter life, she’d managed to whip up a strain of plants that produced the equivalent of five buffets worth of empty calories with a single crop. Harley even helped her with the gardening, the only thing she did besides eating, watching tv, making love, or playing video games. It pleased Ivy that Harley was quite good with gardening and not at all put off by using fertilizer, even taking over those duties completely in the past two months. She set herself to eating, enjoying the fullness that came after only two carrots and a radish, her gut comfortably taut, pressing a bit and venting a massive fart. Taking a deep whiff, she felt the Green resonate all around, the power lifting a vine towards her rear and getting her to her feet. There was a strong pulse of energy coming from the greenhouse, where the food she’d just imbibed in had come from. Waddling, wondering just where Harley was, Ivy made her way towards the source.

Harley grunted, straining her bowels to unleash more and was rewarded with a thick, hearty spurt, mixing with the chemicals in the bin that would be dumped liberally over the soil just to her left. A gasp caused her to turn around, smile already in place as Ivy saw her. “Hiya Red! Don’t mind me, just making some more fertilizer!”

Ivy walked forward then, her every step a hefty waddle, her green cheeks turning a bit red as she panted and wheezed. “What…huff…have you done?!”

“Told ya, the fertilizer. Your not so healthy greens need some extra kick and I’ve been providing it. But I think they would really love mama’s fertilizer more.”

Ivy’s mind whirled at the notion, but soon enough Harley had her arms as far around her gut as she could get, pressing gently, Ivy’s body responding as she squatted down. “Just think of it as more practice for joining me in tubby land, Red.” Harley’s voice was soothing, sounding the most sane Ivy could recall. Her guts were roiling, the leftovers of the massive dinner from yesterday and the veggies cramming in her already full intestines, pushing against the previous tenants. “Pamela, just start pooping. You’ll feel better and the plants will love it.”

So Ivy did, clenching and letting loose as much as she could, the burst of excrement flowing into the soil. Of course a portion got caught in the folds and flab of her buttocks and thighs, but she didn’t care. She could feel the Green, her babies, every bit of nature cry out in sheer ecstasy. “Harleen,” Ivy murmured.

“Yes Pam?”

“Go grab the rest of the veggies from the kitchen. I’ve got a lot more soil to fertilize.”

The two of them fertilizing caused a massive acceleration of their growth in the months to follow, just one of Ivy’s butt-cheeks now the size of half her body back in her slim days. Harley was even larger, the closest thing to immobile Ivy had ever seen. Not that she was much further herself, but she could still move about with a jiggly waddle, so it was up to her to greet Selina as the cat burglar sat down to breakfast.

Selina had politely refrained from bringing up their massive size and terrible manners after seeing just how happy the pair were. Well, that and just how amazing the food was here. Even the carrots on the salad they had fixed for her that first night was great. Looking up from the food she’d plowed into, Selina opened her mouth to say hi to Ivy.

“URRAPPP! Morning Ivy.”

“Good morning Selina, hungry today huh?” Ivy replied, looking at the big potbelly framed by wide hips before darting her eyes up to Selina’s chubbier face.

“Mmmgggh!” She already had half a cabbage in her mouth, chewing fiercely.

“Well don’t worry about making small talk. I’m just going to fix a plate up for Harley and be on my way.” She didn’t care to decipher Selina’s mouth-full reply or the grunts of mastication that interspersed the words she was trying to say. Ivy grabbed what she wanted and returned to Harley.

The clown’s body odor, flatulence, and other smells overpowered the funk Ivy was constantly surrounded by, Harley’s bright blue eyes gleaming. “Breakfast in bed huh? Whatt’d I do to deserve you Red?!”

Ivy snuggled into a love handle that was nearing a quarter of her own overall size, squeezing out a fart and sighing. “You opened my eyes to a wider worldview, that’s all. I love you my sunflower.”

She chose to translate Harley’s munching and slurred speech as she pigged out as I love you too before starting on her own meal, stomach growling.

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Ibuki was grateful today had finally arrived. She had struggled, endured many hardships, but in a few short moments she would finally be a certified ninja. All it would take was a simple walk of ten paces to accept her custom made ninja gi, set of graduation kunai, and the dark brown sash that marked her rank as a fully fledged shinobi. The future that lay ahead in Ibuki’s mind wasn’t filled with espionage, moon-lit sneakiness, or undercover missions. No, freedom lay ahead now that she was no longer burdened with the seemingly endless training she’d been subjected to.

Five steps away now, Ibuki started to sweat, her breaths coming out faster as she hurried to get to the grandmaster holding out the symbol of her freedom from obligation. Her great gut grumbled with the six helpings of sweet potatoes she’d gorged on this morning, her thighs meshing together as she waddled forward. Her chubby face with its round cheeks and extra chin beamed as she finally made it, bowing low to the grandmaster, face nearly being smothered by her extra breast flesh, but avoiding that pitfall, Ibuki locked eyes with the man and gracefully took the symbols of her graduation. Turning around, she gave a mighty shout and held her kunai high before vanishing in a cloud of smoke, the grandmaster’s grave face upturned into the smallest of smiles before moving on to the next graduate.

Ibuki was free! Sure, her plan to get kicked out by gaining massive amounts of weight had backfired on her, the training she was put under left her able to carry out any task a ninja could be asked to do, fighting included, but she didn’t really care that she weighed more than E. Honda. There was a great wide world to indulge in and Ibuki knew just who she wanted to see first.

Chittering by her feet caused the young ninja to look down, smiling warmly at her furry friend. “Don-chan, c’mon! Let’s go surprise Makoto!”

The tanuki was soon clambering up her left fleshy side and perched on Ibuki’s right shoulder. Nodding to herself, Ibuki started to run out of the village and towards the bus stop a good two and a half miles away.

Makoto put her hands on her wide and flabby hips, smiling widely at the success of both the Rinkoudan style and her family’s dojo. Said success was the reason for her fatter hips, multi-tired gut, and incredibly large and saggy breasts. Having experienced poverty and fighting tooth and nail to regain and expand on what her family had lost, the woman Makoto know was indulged herself freely. Her students were progressing well, at all levels in fact, some winning national tournaments, one even appearing in a very popular soap opera for crying out loud!

A single ring of the bell signaled that the noontime meal was ready and Makoto licked her lips at what the chef/student had come up with for today. She was about ready to waddle her way inside when she felt a poke to her tubby rear. Turning around in shock, she readied herself for a fight. Obese or not she was still the master of Rikoudan. But her stance was abandoned as she took in the laughing form of her best friend. She let Ibuki snicker and chortle for a good twenty seconds before turning her back on her and waddling towards lunch, leaving her hefty pal to catch up, wheezing greatly by the time she did.

“Makoto…huff…slow down would ya?! I just graduated and I’m now a ninja so I figured we could celebrate!”

“Congratulations Ibuki, but lunch is being served. We can go out after the lessons for today are done.”

“Could I have some of your lunch?” Makoto turned and wished she hadn’t because Ibuki was giving her puppy eyes, fat lips set in an adorable pout.

“Fine, but you’re going to spar with my best student afterwards as part of their lesson, deal?”

“Deal! Watch out you Rikoudan newbs, Ibuki’s on the scene!”

Makoto held her flabby arm high, wrist flab merging fully with her arm flab as she stared intensely at Ibuki and her greatest student. Striking her arm down, she gave a sharp grunt to begin and sat back down on the floor.

Despite her student’s stunning muscular physique, clarity of mind, and strength, Ibuki was still able to dodge all of her strikes and counter with a few light blows that sent the young woman flying backwards. A few more strikes passed between them and Makoto stopped the sparring with another raised hand. Getting to her feet again, ignoring the feeling of her belly flaps pinching against one another, she bowed to her student and addressed the seated group.

“As you can see by our rotund guest today, do not judge the skill of an opponent by the apparent lack of ability. I’ve fought highly skilled fighters who appear farthest from that description. Now you’ve all done very well today. Thank you for your continued desire to learn and grow in the Rikoudan way. Dismissed!”

The students bowed and departed, her greatest staying behind for a moment. “Did I meet your expectations, sensei?”

Makoto looked her beloved pupil right in the eye and nodded, giving her the largest smile she could muster. “Of course! You still have a lot to learn but your drive and ability are commendable. I’ll see you on Monday.” She received a bow and soon enough Makoto was alone with Ibuki.

“Alright, teacher stuff’s done, now let’s go party!”

Makoto shook her head but smiled anyway at her friend’s enthusiasm and headed out into the setting sun, towards one of her many cars that would take them towards Tokyo proper and the celebration to come.


“Now make a wish airen!” Chun Li exclaimed, moving around to Cammy’s back and putting her tubby fingers into the squishy adipose that made up her wife’s shoulders, kneading gently.

“Love, I told you no cakes, no special celebrations. I’m twenty six, hardly an auspicious year,” Cammy said, face flushed at the sheer size of the cake. Sure she and Chun were hugely obese, a consequence of the peace their long years of fighting had finally delivered them combined with Chun’s doting, but that didn’t mean she had to consume so much food all the time.

“It’s the day the most beautiful woman in all the world was born, of course it’s important,” Chun Li replied. “Now hurry and make your wish honey!”

Sighing, but going along with the love of her life, Cammy blew out the candles, making her silent wish to spend the rest of her life by Chun Li’s side healthy and happy. Her wife clapped and soon enough had a big piece of cake held out to her on a fork. “Saw ahh birthday woman!”

“Chun!” But her fiercest glare melted under the wink Chun Li gave her. “Ahhhh!” The cake was delicious, Cammy giving a coo after swallowing. “Your turn, dear.” Cammy sliced off an even larger piece and held it up with her right hand towards Chun Li’s face.

“Ahhhhhh-ophm!” Cammy shoved as much of it in as she could, enjoying the crumbs spraying from her wife’s lips as she chewed furiously. Once Cammy was certain she was ready for more, she pushed more in, enjoying Chun Li’s grunts and moans. It always amazed the British fighter how much larger Chun Li was than her. If it wasn’t for her wife’s control of ki or Cammy’s own alterations, both women would be needing mobility scooters just to get around judging by the way Chun Li’s gut was nearly touching her lowermost cankle roll or the fact that her own arse needed five chairs just to get a comfortable seat in. “Huff…huff…ugh…oh, Cammy, that was great! Now let me carry you to bed where your present awaits!” Cammy nodded and was soon in her wife’s cellulite-ridden arms.

“Why do you love pampering me so much?” Cammy asked after several silent moments down the hallway. Chun Li didn’t answer until both were nude on their bed, pushing Cammy down gently so that her whole body spread out in a pool of white adipose.

“Because you deserve to be happy and I love seeing you blush. Even though I’ve gone a bit overboard on both our figures, you’re still the sexiest and prettiest person in the world and my doting is my best attempt at trying to give back what your love has given me.”

“And what’s that, love?”

“A normal life with a person I can truly be myself around. As of today I’m retiring from Interpol to spend as much time as I can with you. Happy birthday Cammy, I love you so much!”

Cammy’s response was cut off as her wife’s lips met hers, obese bodies squishing and jiggling as their lovemaking began in earnest.


In the Kanzuki estate, specifically the spacious dining room, Karin Kanzuki picked up a massive slice of pizza with chubby fingers, folding the pizza in half only after cramming as many snack cakes as she could fit between it. “Like this Birdie?”

Her massive freeloading instructor nodded. “Ay, just like that tubs. Why are you doing this again? Not every dame wants to lose their figure.”

“My rival thinks she can eclipse me in stature. Your work here besides being my sparring dummy is to prepare my body to dominate my rival.” The thug looked her up and down, Karin knowing he’d see the little gut she had now and the touching thighs, but didn’t care for his opinion. He was teaching her to gain and was a passable sparring dummy.

Opening her mouth, Karin shoved as much of the loaded pizza in as she could, face going red as she thought of the look on Sakura’s face when she got a load of her.

Sakura did her best to hold in the belch that her feast had brought on but it escaped anyway. Mortified, she looked at her dining companion. Eliza Masters, the fattest socialite in San Francisco if not the world, simply rubbed her gut gently. “Good one Sakura, it’s not healthy to hold those in. Could you pass me some of the crab?”

“Of course!” But reaching with her stuffed middle and fat arms was tiring. As much as she grunted and struggled, the crab remained out of her reach.

“Don’t worry about it,” Eliza replied with a wink. “Sean, would you be a dear and help me with this food?” Her raised voice yielded results, the young martial artist soon appearing from outside, nodding.

“Of course Eliza, how exactly?”

“Place some of that crab in front of me and I think Sakura here could use a good belly rub, judging by the way she tackled those burgers and sasuages, right Sakura?” Eliza sent another wink Sakura’s way, the Japanese woman blushing fiercely as Sean looked to her with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Y-yeah, I’ve got some indigestion. Would you mind Sean?” Sean shook his head, his own face darkening as he placed the crab within easy reach of Eliza and moved towards Sakura. The blond older woman got to her feet after a few moments, crab carefully held in one hand, while the other kneaded her own massive gut.

“I’m off to see Ken train. Have fun you two!”

Sakura waved at her but didn’t look away from Sean as he reached out a hand towards her. Why couldn’t she just admit her love for him? He was a great friend, a fine fighter, and incredibly kind and funny. His palm touched her bare stomach then and started to rub gentle circles clockwise into her belly. Summoning her courage, Sakura opened her mouth to confess, but was instead interrupted.


The source of the new voice came from the doorway Eliza had exited from and one both young people knew well. Laura Matsuda had woken up from her noon nap. The massive Matsuda jiu-jitsu heir beamed at the two of them, her speed incredible for a woman nearing Eliza’s behemoth size as she swept Sean up in a tight hug. “Aww, are you giving your tubby girlfriend a widdle belly rub? That’s so cute!”

“Sis, she’s not my-“ But Laura only hugged him tighter before letting him go.

“I love you Sean!” Sakura blurted out.

Laura placed a hand on her apron of a gut and gave a great belly laugh at the expression on her little brother’s face. Snatching up a beef kebab leftover on the table, she turned around. “Well I’ll leave you to handle this yourself Sean. Sakura, break my brother’s heart and I’ll break every bone in your body. And no boom-boom you two! Bye!”

The plates and silverware jostled as Laura waddled away, the two young fighters looking anywhere but each other.

“You really do?” Sean finally asked, looking into Sakura’s eyes.

“Yeah…I understand if you don’t wanna be with a tubbo like me-

For the second time that day Sakura was cut off but she’d accept being cut off like this for the rest of her life the way her heart started pumping. “I love you too Sakura.”

Sakura gave a great shout and hugged Sean tightly. After the euphoria wore off and several more kisses followed, the Japanese woman finally got to her feet. “Sean?”

“Yeah Sakura?”

“What did your sister mean by boom-boom?”

“I honestly don’t know half of what my sister says most of the time.”

“Maybe she could teach me to nicely threaten someone like she did to me. I could use it in my next match with Karin. But first, let’s go spar, kay?”

Sean nodded and walked ahead of Sakura, opening the door for her. Sakura squealed and pecked him on the cheek before waddling ahead and out into the open air of the Master’s estate and her first spar with her first real boyfriend.
World Waddlers
Another Street Fighter WG fic from me but this time with no slob elements. Dedicated to MusclesFit.


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