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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Helena Harper let out a weary sigh from her position on the hospital bed. Her partner motioned towards the official orders she'd tossed to the side. She'd been injured on their latest mission, pushing Leon out of the way of a Hunter/Licker hybrid's claws and earning herself a nasty laceration in the process.

“A sabbatical, really?”

“That's what it says. I don't really get why you insist on throwing yourself into another mission. Even Chris isn't like that these days.”

“Well he has Jill and a sister. I don't have a family.”

“You have me, Sherry, Chris, Hunnigan, and Jake. Plus, I don't want to see you become obsessed with this fight.”

“Is this where you offer to be my live-in nurse?”

Leon chuckled at that, gently laying a hand on Helena's shoulder. “As much as I'd like to, I've asked Sherry to take care of you. That doesn't mean you won't be seeing me, but she insisted after hearing how focused you've been on the job.”

Helena sighed again, but gave Leon a smile and picked up her orders to rest for up to a year, signing off on them and then handing them back to the man she had helped save the world with.

“If I get fat, I'm laying it all at your feet,” Helena muttered after a few quiet moments.

“Whatever you say,” Leon replied, giving Helena a quick hug and soon taking his leave.


A day later, Helena arrived back home at her apartment, only to find that someone had cleaned up the place. Gone where the discarded beer bottles and takeout boxes, the clothes she sometimes tossed about before going to bed. A blond head soon poked it's way out from the kitchen, a gentle smile beaming at Helena.

“Welcome back! Make yourself comfortable and I'll have this steak to you in a bit!”

Helena blinked a bit at the enthusiasm Sherry had in her voice before sitting down and nodding.

“Thanks and also thanks for agreeing to take care of me, though I'm pretty much all healed up.”

“Pretty much isn't fully healed Helena, and don't thank me. You saved Leon's life, not to mention what you did for Jake and I back in China. Just think of me as your live-in maid for the rest of your sabbatical!”

Twenty minutes later, Helena's dark brown eyes widened at the two large steaks on her plate, complete with a bevy of fries and a large chocolate milkshake, obviously home-made.

“All this is for me?”

Sherry nodded, all smiles as she plopped down next to Helena. “Of course! It's a welcome home feast.”

Helena nodded a bit in return and tucked in to her meal, a pleased Sherry clapping her hands as she finished off first one, then the second steak. At this, Helena was starting to feel quite full, her stomach taut and rounded out a bit, but she couldn't refuse the rest of the meal that was still on her plate.

So, masking her fullness as best she could, Helena finished off the fries and washed the whole lot of food down with several mighty gulps of the shake. Once that was finished, Helena set the empty cup down and placed both hands on her truly stuffed middle.

“Oph...that was...delicious, Sherry...”

Sherry beamed and patted Helena's gut rather hard, a deep, rumbling belch escaping the stuffed agent's mouth, causing Helena to blush.

“No problem, Helena.”

Helena, too stuffed to really reply, just nodded and closed her eyes.


Sherry smirked as she noticed Helena fall completely into a deep sleep. The appetite stimulants she'd placed into the steak, to say nothing of the additives she'd ground into the shake and fries, would set Helena on the path Leon, with Hunnigan's assistance, had laid out for her.

All were far more concerned for Helena than they let her know. After all, the woman had completed twelve missions already and it wasn't even May yet. Each mission, Helena had pushed herself, every BOW she put down seeming to just spur her on up until this latest incident with Leon. During Helena's recent hospital stay, the doctors had confided in Leon and Hunnigan how dangerous it was for Helena to keep pushing herself like this.

The higher-ups were easily swayed by Hunnigan to give Helena this sabbatical and Leon had contacted Sherry to serve as her caretaker, a position to which she accepted. She had wanted a break as well, Jake off doing some soul-searching and it also gave her an opportunity to pay back Helena for all that she'd done for the two of them.

A deep fart issued forth from Helena's rear shook Sherry from her thoughts, the blond pumping her fist in the air.

It was the signal she'd been waiting for, a confirmation that what she'd given to Helena had taken their hold.

“I'm going to make sure you won't be endangering yourself anymore, Helena,” Sherry whispered, placing a kiss on her friend's digesting middle.

Her blue eyes gleamed as she thought of how big Helena was going to be. Sure there would be issues going ahead when Helena struggled to adjust to her new life and the fallout when she realized how she'd been manipulated by her friends, but that was in the future. For now, all Sherry focused on was the lingering stench of Helena's flatulence and the roundness of her friend's middle.



Helena instantly stiffened as she heard the rip of her black jeans, feeling the cool air in the room against her now bare rear.

Sherry, for her part, didn't mention the incident as lunch rolled around, Helena's eyes gleaming as she took in the spread the older woman had prepared for her.

“I ripped through my largest pair of pants today,” Helena said between bites.

“Well I'll place an order for some larger ones then, just let me know what size.”

Helena nodded, blushing a bit after a mighty fart rang out. “S-sorry about that-” but Sherry cut her off with a large eclair placed in her mouth.

“Don't worry about it, it happens.” Sherry then forced a tiny toot out, causing Helena to chuckle after she'd chewed the sweet pastry.

“If you say so. Have anymore of those donuts?”

Sherry smiled, placing several more in front of her friend and noting the big pot belly Helena had developed. It had been a month since she'd started her sabbatical and the pot belly was joined by an even larger rear end, thighs that were almost touching, and an adorable, in Sherry's opinion, chubby face.

Everything was going smoothly, Sherry thought, attention soon returning fully to Helena as the agent groaned a bit.

“Think I overdid it again, mind not making so much next time?”

“Can do but you look pretty bloated, want a belly rub?”

Helena nodded, leaning back in her chair and closing her eyes as Sherry's fingers kneaded out some belches and eased the ache from her truly full middle.


A month later and Helena had gone from just chubby to definitely fat. The extra weight had mostly gone to her rear end but, as Hunnigan noted, a fair bit had increased her bust as well, the analyst blushing heavily as Helena leaned forward a bit to grab a bit more of the rich lasagna Sherry had made for their lunch together.

Hunnigan, for her part, ate carefully, all manners as she stared at Helena making a pig of herself. The recovering agent let loose a hearty fart after swallowing a huge mouthful, not apologizing at all.
“So you're obviously better, huh?” Hunnigan said, not bringing attention to how rank Helena's farts now smelled, smiling widely.

“Yeah, but I'm not fully healed.”

“Well you look much better than you did in that hospital bed.”

“I don't think I could fit in that hospital bed anymore,” Helena replied, patting her big gut.

“Oh nonsense, you're still in great shape.”

Helena rolled her eyes at that, panting a bit as she leaned forward to grab the fork and finish off her second slab of lasagna Hunnigan grabbed it first, spearing a big chunk and bringing it to the edge of Helena's lips.

Helena blushed at the gleam in Hunnigan's eyes, a gleam she'd spotted the woman having on more than one occasion in their interactions with each other after China. She'd never entertained the notion of exploring what that gleam could lead to but she was on vacation. Vacations changed things.

So, blush still lighting up her round face, Helena opened her lips and let Hunnigan feed her.

After the lasagna was nothing but memory, Helena let loose a few belches, the last one causing a few buttons to fly off her white shirt and her gut to burst free from their garment shackles.

“Oh my,” Hunnigan murmured, a hand trembling a bit as she placed it on Helena's prodigious middle. “Can I?”

“Please do,” Helena replied, placing her own hand over Hunnigan's as the analyst started to rub her gut.

From the kitchen, Sherry beamed as she spied the two kissing, her grin turning into a gape as she watched Helena's cheeks bulge and a belch enter Hunnigan's mouth as they were making out.

But Hunnigan surprised both of them by laughing and ruffling Helena's hair, draping herself around a blushing Helena, Sherry darting back into the kitchen to get started on dessert for the two.


Leon smirked as he walked through the door of Helena's apartment, finding Helena laid out on the couch, feet propped up as one chubby hand brought a fist filled with chips to her mouth. Nosily chewing, the once fit and focused agent let loose a rumbling fart before she spied Leon.

“Looks like you're enjoying your vacation.”

Helena nodded, not blushing even as another bout of flatulence trumpeted from her bowels. “You can thank Sherry, she's taken very good care of me. Something I'm sure you all had a part in.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean it takes some serious pull to get a year long sabbatical from the agency and to afford this kind of treatment. She's quite the chef, by the way.”

“I'm not denying anything. You needed a break.”

“I'm not upset for you lying to me. I've gotten a lot of time to think and I've still got five months left in this vacation. Thanks for forcing me to see a better way to live my life.”

“Lazy and obese?”

Helena's brown eyes glared at Leon then and his smile faltered a bit. Cheeks puffing out, Helena let loose with a rancid burp that had Leon coughing, sitting down on a lounge chair near the couch.

“I prefer pampered, though I don't expect this to last.”

After the stench of her burp had vanished, Leon took a look at Helena's enormity. By this point she was looking almost as fat as the obese zombies they'd fought back in Tall Oaks. Her face was round, with a second chin fully formed underneath her first. Her breasts were sagging, bloated sacks of flesh on the round orb she called her stomach. He suspected she couldn't see her feet anymore no matter how far she bend forward. From what he could see of her rear, it was even larger, like her personal mattress.

Beyond that, he noted her arm pits were soaked in her own sweat, accounting for the ripe smell in the room.

“Well enjoy your pampering. I just came by to check up on you and come clean. You can't throw your life away mission after mission. You have Hunnigan now and our support. We all care about you and don't want to see you waste your life.”

“Thanks Leon and I'm not angry, not anymore.”

The pair smiled at each other and shared a brief hug as Leon left, nodding to Sherry as the blond wheeled out a heaping cart of food.

Once Leon had gone, Sherry wheeled the cart closer to Helena, the brunette looking at her with expectant eyes.

“You really expect me to eat that whole cart?”

Sherry nodded, playing along. Helena liked to act like she wasn't nearing the big 450 though she'd been weighing herself on a monthly basis. “You're being pampered, remember?”

Helena grinned sitting up and reaching out towards a plate of rich garlic bread, her body odor wafting through the air. Sherry did her best to hold her breath but couldn't last that long, the foul stuff entering her lungs and sending her into a coughing fit.

“Oh c'mon, I don't smell that bad,” Helena said, taking a large bite of bread. Once that was swallowed, she raised her right butt cheek in the air and ripped a nasty fart, sending Sherry out of the room, fanning her nose.

“Sure you don't,” Sherry replied, though she took a few deep breaths of the funky air. She'd grown a bit attached to stink Helena produced and even sometimes created a dutch oven while she slept.



“Be sure to get a big dessert ready. I don't think this cart will do.”

“I''ll get right on it!”


There were only six days left of Helena Harper's sabbatical and to celebrate her return Hunnigan took her to the fanciest buffet in the DC area.

Of course the analyst also made sure Helena was wearing an outfit that might have been just bit tight on her five hundred pound frame. Still, the sight of Helena's fat face beaming at her made all her concerns melt away. The pair had discussed Helena's new role in the agency, she'd by an analyst, writing manuals for the new recruits.

Hunnigan would also make sure that her office was well stocked with treats and an air purifier considering Helena's gas and body odor these days.

Already, her tubby love was on her fifth plate, staining her stunning red sequin dress with various crumbs and sauces to say nothing of the wet patches moistening along her armpits.

Every titanic fart would cause the other patrons to hold their noses and glare but Helena ignored them. She was here with the woman she loved to celebrate a new lifestyle, a new job, and the family she realized she had with Leon and company.

Pausing as she swallowed her latest bite, Helena grunted bit and belched mightily, causing a proud smirk to appear on Hunnigan's face.

“That's my gasbag.”

Helena smirked at that and leaned back a bit, causing a few tears along the front of her dress, bits of white, cellulite-ridden gobs of flesh sticking out along the newly formed tears.

She knew she would never go back to the field, would never take pride in toned abs or her speed at drawing a gun again. Her figure was a bloated mockery of all she had once been but she was feeling giddy about it. She could still move under her own power, she could make her lover scream her name with a few deft movements of her tongue, and she could use her rank smell to overpower anyone who scoffed their nose at her slobby form.

After a few silent moments of basking in the odd but exciting bent her life had taken, Helena moved her half full plate towards Hunnigan and got to her feet.

Waddling to the bar, she managed to fill up several more plates, each one laden with the greasiest fare she could find on the various lines. Returning to her lover, Helena placed the plates all around Hunnigan.

“What are you doing?”

“Well if we are going to continue this relationship, I need to be sure that you have a body that won't break under my fat ass.”


Helena silenced Hunnigan's objection with a large slice of pie, following that up with a large cup of soda, the former agent tipping the cup all the way so Hunnigan would have no choice but to chug it all.

“Ugh...huff...huff,” Hunnigan panted out, hands going to her middle which had bulged out a bit at the rapid assault of so much food and drink.

Helena waited for the objections to come out, waited for Hunnigan to glare at her or scream. But all she got was a gleam in her lovers eyes as she pulled a plate close.

An hour later, Hunnigan felt like a beached whale, stomach reddening by the second and more of it oozing outwards owing to a few popped buttons on her shirt. Helena beamed and her fat hand soon landed firmly on the brown orb that was Hunnigan's belly.

“That's it honey. You did so well.”

Hunnigan merely grunted in response, her grunt soon erupting into something else as Helena pressed firmly down with her palm.


Blushing, but mostly proud of how loud her belch was, Hunnigan scrunched her face up and followed the burp up with a moderate fart.

Helena's fat face, a face she'd help mold into this monument to sloth and gluttony, radiated such love then that Hunnigan completely forgot any concerns she had about starting down this path. After all, it was only fair to become a match to Helena since it had been her idea all along to save the agent from working herself to death.

“Welcome to the club, Ingrid,” Helena murmured, turning her attention back to her own meal while Hunnigan just leaned back and let out a mixed moan of pleasure and trepidation at the hedonism that waited for her.
Helena Harper's Slovenly Sabbatical
Weight gain/slob story I did for a friend years ago. I do not own any of the characters in this story.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Diana panted, exhaling exhaustion and feeling the slickness of perspiration ooze from her body as she took one lumbering stride after another. Her thighs were smudged together, globs of fat that held no trace of her superhuman strength. Her stomach was an apron of flesh, nearly covering the lower half of her super-sized costume, flapping up and down as she pushed herself to move faster. Her powers were still there, she knew, felt her speed increase, but the unfamiliarity of this form was stopping her from fully using the powers she'd been gifted by her gods and goddesses. Her feet pounded on the rooftop as she ran further, breasts crushed together and joining her stomach in a quivering tango as she pressed ahead. She didn't want to think about how her now massive butt looked.

Her blood pumping, her heart pounding, she moved ahead, not willing to let any villain get away, even encumbered as she was by her body. She cursed in Greek at the imp that had brought her to this odd reality but shook her head. Focus on the present moment, she thought to herself. Ahead of her, Catwoman's rear was nearly a match for her own titanic bottom, the rest of the thief equally large but she moved with all the grace of the lithe figure from Diana's own universe. Though this obese version didn't have jewels or a priceless artifact in her gloved hands. No, what she had was several large bags filled with junk food.

A girls' night in, she'd called it before winking at Wonder Woman and the other heroine following after Diana.

The heroine currently moved past Wonder Woman, huge body quivering, equal amounts sweat and body odor clouding the air as Natasha Romanov, the famous Black Widow and an associate of Diana's in her reality, continued her task.

Why Natasha had been patrolling Gotham was still a mystery to Diana but when one was chasing a criminal, explanations could wait. Now there was only the chase and ignoring the urge she had to glut herself on the food Catwoman had stolen when she eventually caught up to Natasha and Selina, pushing down any thoughts about how she had found herself in this form and this universe.


The day had been typical for Diana. She woke up with Bruce's arms around her, content as could be as she watched him sleep. The worries and stress he heaped upon himself vanished while he was sleeping and it pleased her greatly to see him untroubled. She savored the quiet moment, wishing she could just stay with him here, knowing it was bound to end. As she stared at Bruce, she thanked each god and goddess by name that she had decided to pursue this relationship with him despite what she had seen in J'onn's machine.

Eventually though, she got out of bed, leaving him with a swift kiss to the lips, ensuring that she didn't wake him. He needed his rest after the night they'd had. After getting dressed and having a delightful breakfast chat with Alfred, she took her leave of Wayne Manor and Gotham, flying in her costume, ears alert to the first sound of trouble.

But what she was met with was a calm spring day over the Atlantic Ocean. There were no calls from the watchtower or Avengers HQ.

Until the calm froze, along with everything else around Diana.

“Morning, Wonder Gal!”

Diana's eyes narrowed as she stared at the fifth dimensional imp and usual foe of Kal and Steve Rogers, Mr. Mxyzptlk.

“What are you doing here?”

“The usual reason: I'm bored and since bugging the Boy Scout or the Captain is what I usually do, today I decided to be more unpredictable. And what should I pick up but your little wish from earlier today! Talk about the jackpot!”

“What wish?”

“You wanted to stay in bed with Batman. Something I can easily provide.”

“Do not try to tempt me, imp, I will not succumb!”

“You already wished for it, doll, and like all granted wishes it won't be just that. I'm gonna send you to a universe where the waist size goes way beyond 52, not to mention the size of every other woman. You're big there, just like here, but in more than just reputation. Don't worry, time will be frozen in this universe until you get back.”

Diana tried to speak back, to move her limbs and try to stop the imp but all the being did was wink at her and suddenly she was back in bed with Bruce.

But something didn't feel right. A feeling that only grew as she got to her feet and looked down.

She couldn't see her feet. Three globs of flesh blocked her view. The first two were her breasts, droopy and heavy. The last was her stomach, pushing out farther than her breasts did.

She didn't scream, she didn't faint.

Diana Prince merely placed her hands on her hips, feeling tubby digits sink into bogs of adipose, and moved towards the mirror.

The imp was staring back at her, thrusting a piece of paper towards her hands before vanishing, leaving Diana's obese reflection staring back in her usual Wonder Woman pose, nude and struggling to reconcile her normal body and her new reality shown in the glass.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
She was Poidaes, a member of the Watchers and currently she was observing something entirely new to her and her species. Oh the being before her appeared mortal enough, if a tad more diminutive than normal for Earthlings but she could sense the power the being possessed and for the first time since she had laid eyes on the Living Tribunal a sense of awe gripped her.

“You're not too shabby yourself, doll,” the tiny man said, snapping one of his gloved fingers and the universe the Watcher had been observing was now resting in the small being's palm. He tipped his orange hat and winked at her, squeezing his hands together and the universe in his hands bent a bit before splitting into hundreds upon hundreds of separate realities. The little being shuffled the universes between his palms, tiny legs kicking to a tune only he could hear before he put an end to the shuffling. “Take your pick, more than 52 ways to look at the mortals and not so mortal here and all of them to your liking, I'm sure.”

“I've no idea what you're talking about.”

“Oh I'm sure you do. Nothing wrong about appreciating a larger figure or a slim body rounding out. Now take your pick and just do  what you're so good at.”

Poidaes's blank eyes gleamed as she reached out a hand and touched a universe just to the right of center, creation springing to life around them, her eyes piercing the glare of innumerable stars as they landed on a specific section of a particular Earth.

                                       DC DC DC

Selina Kyle, the infamous Catwoman, narrowed her eyes.

Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn, pouted.

Pamela Isley, Poison Ivy herself, simply watched the both of them. Harley had already convinced her of this mad idea and besides, it would be amusing to see if her powers of seduction could work when she made Oswald Cobblepot look anorexic.

“She has a point, Selina. No one would ever suspect us of doing something like this and we've all been off the Bat's radar for weeks. Besides, a break is what we need.”

“You're just saying that because Harley's got a talented tongue,” Selina replied. Harley lightly punched her on the shoulder for that, the thief sighing. “Fine, I'll get fat but you two better believe I'm in charge of getting us all back in shape.”

“No arguments there, right Harl?”

Harley shook her head, an image of pure joy as she hopped to her feet, bouncing up and down. “Oh thank you Kitty! We'll have so much fun!”


Harley squealed at the sight of so many bags of junk food from so many different establishments found in Gotham. Sans makeup, or Ivy and Selina, Harley had managed to procure this much for herself and two or three bags each for her two cohorts in her perfectly rational plan to lay low. In the three weeks since starting, Harley was starting to soften. Not terribly noticeable to the busy Gothamites in the fast food restaurants, but she knew she was plumping up. Her middle was becoming less compact, flesh spreading freely. There was the tiniest of jiggles to her rear that had nothing to do with how she liked to sway her hips sometimes. Not to mention the little bit of extra jostling about her breasts did as she moved around.

Sitting her slightly softer self down, Harley reached out a hand towards the closest bag, ruffling through it to pull out a triple-stacked burger with three burgers and an avalanche of condiments. Opening her mouth wide, Harley bit down, chewing slowly, savoring the taste.

Elsewhere in the home, Selina Kyle was reclining on her bed, trying to drown out the sounds of construction as a couple of eager men and women, courtesy of Ivy's abilities, went to work on expanding the doorways, reinforcing the bed frames, and other potential future choke-points. Because Selina just knew that her two compatriots would certainly exceed her own modest gain of two hundred extra pounds, Harley because she'd be into all this and Ivy because Harley would get her to overindulge at every opportunity.

Currently she was just five pounds heavier, most of it going to her rear and stomach, softening the muscles found in both those parts of her body.

Reaching a hand into the second bag of fast food crud Harley had gotten for her, Selina winced a bit at the excess salt on the fries. Taking a few, she put them in her mouth and tried her best not to enjoy the empty carbs. She was just doing this to lay low and could certainly stop when she reached three hundred pounds and not a bit over that.

All it would take was willpower and she had plenty of that.

Ivy certainly enjoyed the dead cow Harley brought her, especially smothered in barbeque sauce like it was. She was grateful towards her lovely clown that there was no lettuce or fries with her meal. Finishing off her third burger, Ivy lightly patted her stomach. A layer of adipose covered it, a layer that eclipsed both of her gaining friends. Smirking at that, Ivy reached for another burger, playing with images of a softer Harley and how much fun they could have with so much more to grab in her mind.


Selina huffed as she opened her eyes again for the twelfth time in as many minutes. Here she was, trying to rest after at taxing day of stuffing her face and lazing around, and her two friends were still going at it. The bed hadn't stopped creaking, the moans from Harley or Ivy or both, Selina really couldn't tell, kept on rising in pitch and volume.

Sitting up, Selina ignored the sound of flesh against flesh as her upper roll of a gut slapped against her lower roll, letting loose a sigh as she eventually got to her feet. Thighs squished together even more and it was getting harder and harder for Selina to think of a time when the two mighty hunks of fat were ever apart. She looked back at the indentation her body had left in the reinforced bed. The majority of the dip was caused by two large, crater-like depressions. Selina moved her hands to her rear, digits sinking in up to the knuckle as she kneaded her slightly numb rear from not really getting out of bed the whole day.
I'm more ass than anything else, she thought to herself, sighing again. Still, if she wasn't going to be getting any sleep owing to her roommates, she was going to get some payback. As she removed her hands from her rear, Selina started to waddle her way out of her room and towards the kitchen, specifically the freezer full of ice cream and nondairy treats with Harley and Ivy's names written all over them.

By the time she was done eating and digesting this dessert, there was going to be even more of her ass.

The neon glow of the clock showed four in the morning, bathing the cuddling, exhausted couple in its light. Ivy took in just how much of her Harley there was now, just over year since starting this mad plan.

Harley was mostly breasts and stomach, with a round rear and flabby thighs. She was finding, as Harley grew, that sex with a fat person was quite enjoyable. Sex as a fat person, well that had pleasures all its own. The initial fumbling as their adipose squished against one another, the sapped stamina that would be an impediment if both were normal women, the effort it took to bring one another to pleasure, though the Green helped Ivy with that issue. All of it was a joy to explore, especially with Harley.

Sweat coated the both of them and they were close enough that Ivy could tell Harley's heart was pumping as hard as hers was.

“Red...that was...great. Who knew being such a fatso would be a turn-on for ya, huh?”

“Indeed,” Ivy replied, running a hand along Harley's singular mass of a gut, so much like her own huge stomach.

“I think big is an even better look for you,” Harley murmured, slapping Ivy's right butt cheek and feeling the quiver there. “You're booty's even bigger than Kitty's!”

“Not by much,” Ivy commented. Harley nodded at that and lifted Ivy's gut up, eyes gleaming as she saw her prize, lowering her mouth downwards as Ivy let her do what she wanted, about to lose herself in the bliss of being with Harley when a bang rang out.

A bang that had nothing to do with the headboard of their shared bed rocking back and forth.

Harley moved away from Ivy, letting Ivy's stomach cover up the front of her waist. Ivy, for her part, was looking around the house for the source of the noise and when she found it, a grin that wouldn't look out of place on Harley's face took over her lips.

Watching Harley get to her feet, Ivy reached out a hand to get pulled up by her lover once the clown was standing. Both on their feet, the pair exited their room and headed towards the kitchen.

“What is it Red?”

“You'll see Harley and I think you're going to love it.”

Coming around the corner, Ivy turned on the lights revealing the obese form of Selina Kyle, on all fours, eating with her bare hands from a number of tubs. Other empty tubs littered the floor and a shattered bowl lay in one corner of the kitchen. But the main thing drawing their attention was Selina's rear end. The XXXL panties Selina had recently purchased were wedged between her massive butt cheeks, quivering as the sounds of Selina masticating came to their ears.

“Ulph...upp...mmmmmmmm!” Selina moaned loudly as she shoved her face into a tub of ice cream, slurping it down with abandon, lost in her own private heaven when a familiar voice yelled out.


Whirling around, Selina felt both ashamed and proud as she saw Harley glaring at her and Ivy grinning. “Well this is what you get when you two aren't considerate enough about other people trying to sleep.”

“So much for your carefully planned diet, Selina.”

Selina nodded at Ivy's remark. “Yeah...who knew I'd grow to love it, right? Now would you two mind helping me up? I think I left some of your desserts untouched.” Selina went to move into a better position so they could pull her off the ground but found vines trapping her. “What are you doing?!”

She was now on her back as the vines twisted her around, Harley holding one tub in her hand with Ivy holding two, tree limbs gathering the uneaten desserts and holding them until commanded to stop. Selina's green eyes widened as Harley grabbed a chunk of ice cream with her bare hand and held it over her mouth.

“Kitty, you need to finish your meals!”

“Quite right Harley and Selina I don't think we've even begun to see just how much you can eat in one sitting.”

Selina gulped but opened her mouth as wide as she could, shooting them both a look of thanks.

This was just what she needed to fully embrace the obese woman she now was.

                                 Marvel Marvel Marvel

Sooraya Qadir, also known as the mutant Dust, sighed in contentment as she woke up with Cessily Kincaid's strong, familiar arms wrapped around her. Sooraya was nude, just like her lover, and Dust basked in the feeling of being held.

“You're so beautiful,” Cessily's voice said, low and close. Turning her head, Sooraya blushed and placed a quick kiss on those lips she adored so much, not minding the faintly metallic taste. Like the rest of her body, Cessily was metallic yet unlike Colossus, did not retain her former body. Her powers were her body and vice verse. Sooraya pressed as close as she could, letting Cessily feel her heartbeat, a finger tracing along the metal woman's breasts.

“Well then I'm in grand company, because you are stunning.”

Cessily smiled at that and gave Sooraya a kiss of her own before getting out of bed and stretching, making sure to bend over and give her lover a prime view of her rear end. She felt a hand touch her rear, pressing something else against it after a few moments, Sooraya soon giggling. Walking towards the nearby mirror, Cessily spared a moment to gape at the pink heart magnet placed just above her butt crack.

At that point, Sooraya lost it, collapsing into a fit of giggles and clutching her stomach, Cessily discarding the magnet and rushing over, soon having her giggling girlfriend in her arms.

“Think that's funny, do you?”

“I was just giving you my heart darling, and close to one of my absolute favorite parts of you, now if you would let me down. I have to pray.”

Cessily nodded, placing Dust down and watching as she dressed in one of her usual black hijabs before she started her prayers, head bowed towards Mecca as her soft voice filled the room with Arabic tones. The metal woman stared at the piety Dust was showing, smiling as she heard her name mentioned. She wasn't particularly religious but she respected Dust's beliefs and did her utmost to ensure that she could observe her traditions and beliefs.

Even if Ramadan grated on her if only for Dust fasting. Still, it was great to see her lover tear into her first meal post-fasting. The image of her last great glutting after Ramadan made Cessily bite her lip, shame filling her at the arousal springing to life at the thought of a stuffed Sooraya. Her thoughts drifted to before she looked like a T-1000's ideal spouse and the desires she'd had then, the darker corners of the web she had surfed, that she still lurked at when Dust was on a mission or she was alone. She decided then and there that she would tell Dust her deepest fantasies when they were eating next.

Well, Cessily reminded herself, when Dust was eating next. Maybe that was why the fantasies lingered so, her total lack of any biological need to eat just highlighting what she couldn't attain with her own body.

“Mercury!” Cessily jolted a bit at the use of her codename by Sooraya, finding that her fellow mutant was looking at her with some concern. “Is everything okay? You kinda drifted off there.”

“Everything's fine, Soo, I just...I need to tell you something at breakfast, okay?”

Sooraya looked like she didn't quite believe her but nodded anyway. “Very well then, let's go eat, hmm? Well after you get dressed of course, unless you were going for shock value today.”

Cessily nodded and went to her closet, pulling out some jeans and a tank-top, Sooraya taking her arm and leading her towards the cafeteria, the shorter woman nuzzling a bit closer while they walked. Upon arriving, both grabbed a tray, with Sooraya deciding on oatmeal and a cinnamon roll with hot chocolate while Cessily settled on a plate of eggs, bacon, and sausages with orange juice to drink.

Both seated, Cessily watched as Sooraya ate, picking at her own meal and biting off a bit of bacon. There was no taste, nothing to indicate that she wasn't just sucking more air into her mouth, just a bit of a lump as she swallowed. So she focused on Sooraya's enjoyment of her meal, her lover soon having finished a quarter of her cinnamon roll before placing a hand on hers.

“Will you tell me what had you zoning off earlier?”

Cessily nodded, turning her wrist and squeezing Sooraya's fingers gently. “I used to...that is I still do have this attraction to fat. There's something about seeing someone go from skinny to fat that just does things to me. When you eat your first meal after Ramadan and watching you dig in with such gusto it makes me want to ask you to eat more. You clearly enjoy eating and I know I shouldn't want you to give up your body you've put long hours into toning and maintaining. It's not normal to want someone to get fat and I've been trying to stop reading the stories online but I just can't. So what I'm asking you, Soo, is if you wouldn't mind getting just a big larger for me? Just a tad. I can't, obviously, do this to myself anymore and if I could, I would, if you were okay with that. I don't want to ruin what we have and I love you so you can see why this is so hard for- Sooraya was suddenly kissing her, deeply. Again, like the bacon before it, there was nothing to really indicate it was her lover's tongue in her mouth, no sensation of taste and the barest whispers of feeling as Sooraya broke the kiss. Her dark eyes were gleaming and a pleased smile was on her face.

“Is that all?”

“Is that all?! Soo, this is something I've been wrestling with for years.”

“Well it's like you said, I do enjoy eating and I've noticed your difficulties in adjusting to no longer needing to eat. You were also quite understanding when I explained my bondage fetish with you and were more than willing to be the sub to my dom, remember?” Cessily nodded, wishing she could still blush. “So why should I deny you something that would bring you such joy? I'll get fat for you, habibti.”

Cessily smiled at that and reached across to hug Sooraya as tightly as she dared, breaking apart after another kiss and gently sliding her tray towards her lover. “Don't feel like you need to eat all of this-but Cessily was cut off for the second time that day as she watched the woman she loved pick up the pace, wishing her mouth could still get dry at arousing images.


Elsewhere, Abner Jenkins was tinkering with one of his latest inventions: a new type of artificial exoskeleton that would greatly increase the strength of his suit, maybe enough to warrant him to change his name to MACH-VI. A slow clap rang out in the tiny lab Abner had set up for himself, turning from his creation to see his girlfriend being responsible.

“So what's this thing do?”

“Just increases my strength to about Iron Man-levels.”

“Hmmm, so I suppose you're going to be testing it a lot, huh?”

Abner smirked a bit at the look of light jealousy she shot the exoskeleton. A superheroine like Melissa Gold aka Songbird and a supervillian like himself in a relationship. It still boggled his mind that they had lasted this long. Approaching her, he gave a tight hug and a reassuring smile. “Don't worry, you're the one I'm sleeping with.” That earned him a laugh before she stared into his eyes.

“What if I have something I'd like to test?”

“Then I'd be all for it, barring it doesn't involve me acting too much like a hero.”
“Don't worry, your rep will be safe. I just want to test out my abilities in controlling others.”

“Isn't it more like nudging?”

“Whatever, now will you let me test it on you?” Abner nodded. “I'm also thinking about testing how much my wings can carry.”

“Don't see how the two are related.”

“I'm going to suggest slash control you to fatten me up. Upon reaching a weight I feel is enough for test purposes, I'm going to fly with my wings.”

“Is this all one big test to see if I'll still love you if you're fat?” Melissa rolled her eyes at that and lightly punched him in the shoulder.

“I just want to see if I can make you do something outside your comfort zone.”

“Babe, your breasts and ass getting bigger aren't exactly outside my comfort zone.” That earned him a glare. “Fine, fine, get with the suggestions but I am not held responsible for any jokes I make at your super-sized expense, okay?”

Melissa nodded and focused her concentration on attuning to the right pitch. Humming a little, she felt the power surging through her vocal chords, pretending she could see the warped tones she was using twisting their way through the air and deep into Abner's mind. He had a relaxed, goofy, look on his face that almost made her lose concentration, it was so cute, in her opinion, but she refocused and issued her commands.

“Abner, you're going to make me fat and you're going to love doing it until I tell you I've had enough. When I say beetle you're going to stop wanting to make me fat.” That was good, she decided but couldn't help but add one more thing. “I love you so much, don't forget that you geek.”

Shutting off her power, Melissa waited as Abner blinked a bit and shook his head. “Hungry?”

Melissa smirked and patted her toned stomach. “Starving.”


Sooraya smiled warmly at her lover. Well when she was looking at her like this, both alone in their room, Cessily with an armful of tasty, high-calorie, treats and both were nude, save Sooraya in her underwear she supposed feeder would be a better term. The research she'd done since that breakfast in the cafeteria was quite something. It was almost like something out of One Thousand and One Nights and she could imagine just such a story being told though it would likely involve something magical and not quite so mundane as simply stuffing ones face. All thoughts of her current situation paralleling one of her favorite collection of fables stopped when she felt Cessily's cool touch along her stomach. Her lover always started with rubbing her belly first and Sooraya couldn't blame her. Her belly was larger now, a clear bulge when in her hijab and just starting to droop a little when she was out of it. Her bare buttocks touched the carpeted floor of their shared room, Sooraya enjoying the cool sensation of the AC combined with the smooth carpet against her flesh, smiling a bit more as she felt her formerly toned rear squash outwards a bit as she scooted back to allow Cessily more room to feel her body.

“You're getting a little chubby here,” Cessily murmured, rubbing Sooraya's stomach, then her thighs, followed by her rear, and ending with her face, cupping it gently.

“Well get to feeding me, habibti, so I won't be chubby anymore.”

“You haven't said how big you want to be yet,” Cessily reminded her.

“I'm just living in the moment, now please feed me. I really am quite hungry.” A hot dog, loaded with all her favorite condiments, was pulled from one of the many plates, bags, and other containers Cessily had provided, gently pressing the food past Sooraya's lips, the young woman moaning at the taste. “Faster please.”

Cessily complied, pouring half a container of chili into her lover's mouth along with shoving the rest of the hot dog, bun and all, barely a second after the chili hit the back of Sooraya's throat. “Tell me if I'm going too fast.”

Sooraya nodded, moaning as best she could as more and more foods entered her mouth. The amount never seemed to end and it was all she could do to chew, swallow, and mentally prepare for more. She felt arousal fill her, still not quite used to it while eating, but she soon realized it was partially just letting herself eat as much as she wanted and also due to the look in her Cessily's eyes.

Hours went by as Sooraya diligently consumed everything Cessily had to offer, finally feeling full and quite pleased at how much she could pack away. Cessily was behind her now, Sooraya resting comfortably in her lap with those metal arms wrapped securely around her, one hand from each woman resting on the taut mass that was Sooraya's belly. “It's almost like you're pregnant,” Cessily whispered, earning a giggle from Sooraya.

“Well we are not calling this food baby Oscar Meyer, that's for sure,” Sooraya commented, pressing deeply into her reddening flesh.

“I have my heart set on Haagen-Daz, personally.”

“Mmmmm, that has a nice ring to it. Haagen-Daz Kincaid.”

“Or Haagen-Daz Qadir.” Both women lost their composure at that and started laughing, Sooraya soon feeling her eyelids grow heavy and murmured something Cessily couldn't quite make out. “What was that Soo?”

“I wanna be bigger than...The Blob.”

“You will be, honey, you will be if that's what you truly want.” But Sooraya was soon snoring, Cessily gently lifting her stuffed girlfriend and placing her gently on their bed, cuddling up to her and paying special attention to just how strained Sooraya's largest pair of panties were getting.


Melissa ran a hand through her pink hair and grinned as she saw Abner bring in a platter full of burgers with a ring of fries and onion rings all around. Moving a bit on her bed, she patted her gut. “Place it right here, please.” Abner did as she asked and watched her expectantly. Melissa rolled her eyes but got to it, cramming as much as she could into one bite and kicking manners to the curb as she talked with her mouth full. “Thansh for tis!”

“Of course, but anymore of this and we'll have to start calling you Songpig.”

Melissa gave an oink at that and winked at the flushed expression on her darling Abner's face before shoving her whole face into the platter, munching with abandon and not caring one whit as sauce, bits of fries, and grease stained her nude body. If she were to stand, Melissa knew her gut would be covering her privates by now and on its way towards her knees. It wasn't quite what she expected, being more belly and butt than the breast-heavy figure she'd thought she'd become when this whole idea started months ago but she wasn't about to complain. The extra mass made for a nice cushion when she sat and it was beyond amusing to see Abner get so aroused by just rubbing her stomach.

She gave a coo of appreciation as she finished off the platter, motioning for her man to remove it, which he did. “Dessert?”

Dessert turned out to be a five scoop monstrosity of a sundae with hot fudge, all the nuts she could tolerate, and enough whip cream to give her a Santa-worthy beard if she didn't want to eat all of it so much. The ice cream joined the burgers, fries, and rings in her belly, Melissa very pleased with herself and that she still felt a little peckish.

“We still have that bag of pork rinds left?”

Abner produced two bags, Melissa raising an eyebrow. “Figured you wouldn't complain if I bought in bulk.”

“I'm a bit tired of moving my arms, so you'll have to feed them to me.” She inwardly squealed at the expression on his face and allowed a giggle to pass her lips as he straddled her, both hands filled with rinds. “Let's see if we can crack three hundred pounds by Monday.”

Abner just nodded, Melissa opening her mouth and allowing herself to be fed.


Sooraya was getting turned on by her body. A body that was larger than even her wildest expectations but close to two years of constant feeding, minimal exercise, and missions conducted from the mansion by sand-created proxies had clearly done a number on her. She wasn't quite sure what number, having broken the scale in her and Cessily's bathroom but it was clearly past Fred Duke's weight. Well, she thought as she hefted her multiple rolled gut, maybe a few pounds lighter than him. Still, it was getting harder and harder to move around unassisted these days. Cessily was a godsend, helping her get out of bed and in the correct positions for her prayers when her body got in the way.

Her metal lover was currently standing behind her and it made Sooraya bite her lip at the thought that she was so massive that she couldn't see any part of her lover in the reflection. Cessily was kneading her rear end, pressing herself into the flab of her back and the many, many rolls that made up her back half. As she felt Cessily's face make contact with her lower back, Sooraya used her powers, the section of her upper back becoming the heavy granules now making up her sand form.

“Hey, Soo, I just showered!”

“Just having a bit of fun, besides you should be used to sand in your hair by now.”

“I'm going to get you back for this.” Sooraya turned her head as Cessily walked around her, coming to her front.

“And here I was about to sit on your face,” she replied, watching Cessily go still and get that dazed look on her face whenever she was feeling horny. Giggling at just how easy it was to get her soul-mate all hot and bothered, Sooraya barely caught her lover's frame shrinking. A few seconds later, Cessily was just a puddle of liquid metal, moving towards her left foot. “This is new.”

Cessily didn't reply and Sooraya giggled again at the cool sensation that was her lover's liquid form meeting her bare skin. Cessily moved about her body, sinking into every fat roll, bit of adipose, and layer of flab that she possessed.

“You tickle!”

“Well I said I'd get you back!”

Sooraya didn't reply and let her lover slide her way all over her body, goosebumps springing to life and more laughter escaping her lips as Cessily continued her advance up her body. Finally she stopped and Sooraya noticed a bit of liquid metal stretching in front of her face, Cessily's eyes staring at her.

“You're still so beautiful Soo.”

“Right back at you, darling, now mind helping me back to bed? I have dessert still coming, if I remember correctly.”

Cessily's lips appeared and she smirked, returning to her human form. Taking Sooraya's hand, she helped her towards the bed. It was incredible that she even had to help Sooraya lie down but that's just how large she was and the thought of that, all the meals and feeding sessions resulting in so much woman made Cessily moan.

“I'm going to turn myself completely into sand now, habibti and I want you to turn back into your liquid form and merge with me.”

“I'll hurt you,” Cessily pointed out.

“You're not water, Cess, now please, do what I say.” A moment later there's a massive pile of sand on their bed, Cessily sighing but doing what she was asked, sliding into the heavy bits of sand where Sooraya's rear had been by her best estimations.

I though I was the one with the butt obsession.

I don't know how I'm hearing you right now Soo.

Did you think my dust form was any different from yours? Besides, think about it, we're merged with one another and soon enough you're going to get a glimpse of what all this weight feels like.

A moment later she's draped across the lips of her lover and being swallowed down into her stomach. She fells a wall of flesh press into her and then heard a voice.

“Can you feel it? I'm going to try and sit up, probably won't be able to without you here to help me, but I want you to experience this.”

A grunt, filling her liquid frame, the bits of human insides she can feel quivering and jostling like mad as she hears labored breathing and feels sweat pass through her to eek its way out into the world beyond Sooraya's pores. All this struggle, the sheer amount of flesh all around, the energy expended to try and move just a few inches; Cessily can't begin to process it all and suddenly she's merged with sand again.

Slide away and turn back to normal.

Cessily did as she was asked and stared at the nude form of her elephantine lover, tears trailing down her cheeks as she moved to hug as much of Sooraya as she could. She felt the barest whisper of her lover's embrace but now she knew what all that weight truly felt like. “Thank you. I love you so much habibti.”

Sooraya hugged her back and let a few tears loose as well, adoring just how little space Cessily now took up against her body. “I love you as well, darling. I'm so happy you were able to feel what it's like, if only for a moment.” Cessily nodded and broke apart, wiping her eyes and helping Sooraya sit up fully, noticing a happy gleam in her eyes. “Dessert?”

Cessily laughed and nodded her head.


Today was the day, Melissa decided. Sure, she might have gone a tad overboard in indulging herself, but she was definitely larger than anyone she'd tried to carry before. Abner was standing in the backyard, staring up at her as she summoned her wings.

True, three stories wasn't a large drop by any means but she was certain that with her sonic scream as a buffer, she could land safely if her wings did fail her. Testing the wind, Melissa took one step. Her thighs now permanently squashed together oozed sweat and her heart pounded as she huffed and puffed. Five hundred and ten pounds, the scale had read and boy did she feel it. Still, there was no time to ponder how her gut was starting to eclipse her knees or how her rear was needing three chairs to sit comfortably in at the dining room table.

There was just the fall and flying ahead.

One more step was all it took, the ground rushing towards her, Abner's worried expression getting closer. She flapped and she flew, the mental strain taxing but nothing like taking a hit from Venom. She was hovering. She gave a whoop and lowered herself gently to the ground, feeling like the quarterback responsible for the game-winning pass.

Until, that is, her foot got caught on one of Abner's discarded bits of scrap metal as she was walking towards him. A moment later she was on her gut, her ass facing the sky. As if that wasn't enough, her largest, comfiest, and favorite pair of sweats gave up the ghost. There was a rip, followed by a louder tear, and then she felt the cool breeze on her now bare butt. Abner appeared in her field of view, freed from her control last night.

He was smirking at her.

She glared at him. “How many times have I told you to pick up in the backyard?!”

“A lot.”

“So why haven't you? This was my moment, Abby and now look at me!”

“I'm not complaining and bare ass is a good look for you, as I've told you more times than you've told me to pick up the backyard.”

“Stop smirking and help me get up!”

“I'm going to need the new exoskeleton.”

Melissa screamed. It was a normal, non-powered, roar wishing she was still a villain so she wouldn't feel bad about slamming him through the back of his work-shed. But then he couldn't get to his damn exoskeleton and she'd be unable to get up.

Sometimes being a heroine really cramped her style. Still, she had to admit, this was all on her.

Starting tomorrow she was going to get back into shape. Her gut rumbled, reminding her that there was still three layers of that seven layer cake in the fridge.

She'd start next week.


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