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Aang was gone.

No words spoken, no notes, no enemies, for they were all defeated.

Aang was gone and Katara was alone in their home.


Toph stopped by, bringing with her baby Lin and a veritable cavalcade of food.

The two old friends talked, Katara finding her joy in Lin's adorable expressions and actions, Toph got her to eat a hearty meal for the first time in awhile. In fact, Katara was so taken by the food that she ended up eating more than Toph.

“I'll just leave the rest here, you'll need it. Trust me Katara, he'll be back and I hope you give him a huge slap for me when he does.”

“I will,” Katara replied, hand going to her gorged middle. Toph's hand joining her own and squeezing a bit of Katara's stomach.

“Well stay healthy and don't get depressed. He'll come back, you hear me?”

“I do, thanks Toph.”

Toph smiled, soon leaving Katara, Lin waving and gurgling at Katara as both vanished from her sight.

She was alone again.


Sokka she sent out a few weeks later, her brother apologizing profusely for not being able to show up sooner. She had forgiven him, spent time with him chatting about everything and nothing, and then sent him away to look for Aang.

Not that she told him to go. No, her ridiculous, wonderful sibling declared he would bring Aang back or else.

She let him ramble on about what the else was for awhile before showing him towards the door, making sure he was well equipped for the journey, and stared for a few minutes at the last place she could see him from the doorway before turning back to the food that remained from Toph's visit.

A few fingers pressed into her softer middle as she looked at the food, her pot belly rumbling.

Licking her lips, Katara picked up the first item she could, the salt, grease, and overall texture of the empty calorie treat she'd chosen filling her with the closest thing to joy she had in her home anymore.

“More,” Katara murmured, picking up a larger chunk of food from the pile.


The rich, heavy, and not at all healthy stew curved and twisted through the air as it approached Katara's open mouth. This was her ninth bowl, surely enough to give her that wonderfully stuffed feeling she'd become addicted to three months ago.

But she'd grown since then, her open mouth squishing a ring of fat just underneath her chin as she shifted her rear a bit in the chair.

Funny, it had dwarfed her rear just two months ago but now it was chafing her hips to say nothing about how uncomfortable it made her.

Still, she ignored the irritable feeling and kept her mouth open as the stew entered it. The behemoth bowl drained into her as she used her water bending for less than noble purposes.

As the last of the stuff slid down her throat, Katara stopped bending, sitting up a bit more as she felt her stomach roil and churn. Firmly pressing a chubby finger into her taut middle, Katara belched.

Smiling after the release, Katara stood fully and took her first waddle in an hour towards her bedroom.


Roast pork was giving her the greatest joy since that lovely stew she'd had a year ago.

That wasn't to say that Katara hadn't enjoyed the pastries, the ice cream, or the rest of the sweets and fattening stuff she'd pigged out on in the past, but there was just something about the way this meat was prepared.

The juices saturating and glistening along every bit of the meal made it easy to bend, as Katara found eating with her hands a trifle by now. Besides, she rationalized, it kept her skills sharp. So what if her rear was brushing against even the widest doorway in her home? Who cared if her bed had broken three months ago owing to her titanic figure?

Her brother was gone, Aang was gone, and Toph rarely visited these days, the struggles of the Earth Kingdom and raising a daughter clearly consuming her time.

But as she finished off her twelfth prepared pig, even as the juice from a particularly scrumptious bite fell in a long rivulet down her puffy face, Katara's blue eyes widened.

The twenty eight year old struggled to stand, her massive thighs quivering and wobbling as she managed to do so a good five minutes after starting to try. Her fat face was red, her body trembling as she moved forward, waddling for all she was worth, not caring that she was nude.

Sokka had his face covered, but Aang just gaped at her as she waddled right up to him, as close as she ever had been to him in their married life, drew back a bit, and slapped him once.

Aang barely had time to register the pain before his hugely fat spouse hugged him close, the stench of fried food clear on her breath as she whispered in his ear to never leave her again. The Avatar promised, telling her the reason for his long absence.

Katara barely heard it.

She was past caring about why. He was back, in her arms.

A low, guttural, rumble erupted from Katara's stomach, the tan woman looking at the food she still planned on eating and then at Aang.

Smiling, happier than she had ever been with just her food for company, Katara realized she could now have the contentment she had built with her husband plus the pleasure food had carved out for her in his departure.

It was realization enough to make Katara laugh, joyful and truly giddy as she bended a hunk of pork into Aang's hand.

Closing her eyes, Katara opened her mouth as Aang gently started to feed her.


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